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The top 10 honeymoon destinations all over the World

A wedding is among the most important times of your life, and there is almost no ceremony in the world that is such a symbol and source of love, commitment, romance and STRESS! Although there is much to be said on the advantages of marrying, you can not deny that it certainly takes a toll on your endurance, as well as your finances. (more…)

6 Best Honeymoon destinations for Budget Travelers

Everybody is on the look out to save a few bucks here and there, and certainly marriage is no exception. Having a shoestring budget may be a necessity, but going without a great honeymoon is certainly not. There are numerous excellent locations that are among the best honeymoon spots that are as amazing as the most expensive, you can have as good a time as you would have if you had chosen more expensive destinations, even more, and the satisfaction of having saved some money is certainly a bonus. (more…)

Jamaica wedding photography – preserve the most precious moments of your life

It’s the jewel of Caribbean Sea. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. People flock to see its reef-lined beaches and rainforests. It’s the most romantic place in the world to some people. If you are still wondering, we are talking about Jamaica, the most popular wedding destination known for superb Jamaica wedding photography. (more…)

Best Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts: Resorts for Singles in Jamaica

Jamaica has long been a playground for people wanting to have a good time and get away from the pressures of living in the city.

There are a lot of resorts, not necessarily all inclusive resorts in Caribbean that cater to an all-adult crowd in Jamaica. The Hedonism has 2 resorts located in Negril and in Runway Bay and both resort locations have restaurants, bars and activities dedicated to pleasure the senses. (more…)

Caribbean All-inclusive Family Resorts

As all parents know, the best family vacation is one where there a no hassles, no bored kids and no added expenses. Too good to be true?

Pleasing every member of the family takes the right combination of luxury, adventure, ultimate fun and pay-one-price convenience. There are a select few family resorts that deliver all this and more. Best of all, these resorts are easily accessible online, so you can skip the travel agent and plan your entire vacation on the Internet. If you want to find the best all-inclusive family resort, consider the wonders of these premiere destinations: (more…)