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Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang

Every year in May, Lomanthan is full with tourist to explore the biggest festival in the area. The three day festivals has some of the amazing things that you could encounter in the 4000 meter. The annual festival is celebrated for the victory of Buddha incarnation. The dance performed by the monks was another daunting factor of the festival. The dance is known as TSA CHAAM that is performed on the first day of Tiji festival. On the second day of festival NGA CHAAM dance is performed. (more…)

Mount Everest Facts

A walk into heaven where the land and sky are all the same. Climbing and reaching the top of the summit of the Mount Everest is one of the things many people want to accomplish in their lifetime. But few ever realize this dream. Situated in the Himalayas in Asia it is the highest mountain in the world perched at a heavenly height of 8848 meters. (more…)