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12 interesting Zoos around the World

Set out for an interesting zoo, and the chances are that you will discover an interesting city or regional town.  Zoos within famous cities are perfect for when everybody needs to wind down just a little, and of course, most children love zoos.  Here are some zoos, not necessarily the biggest in the world, but definitely located in places that you might wish to visit. (more…)

Honeymoon spots in Africa – Jungle Love

Africa, as everyone knows, has a veritable abundance of natural beauty. The continent is filled plush full of forests, wildlife reserves, deserts, beaches, balmy islands, cities, and a whole lot more that makes it an exceedingly rewarding destination. (more…)

Robben Island Attractions

Robben Island is a place that has not only been a travel attraction, but also a training prison and has been a defence and training station in the First World War. It is also a hospital for patients of leprosy and has been chosen as a hospital due to its healthy and secure environment. it provides a great environment for curing and healing. (more…)

South Africa Honeymoon

South Africa is gaining fast popularity as a tourist destination par excellence, and is the perfect mixture of thrill, intrigue and beauty, the exactly right setting that makes for a heavenly honeymoon. A South Africa honeymoon is perfect way of ensuring the right feel capable of kindling the embers of love, so to say, and cementing your relationship. (more…)