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Tropical Countries: Eight Remote and Tropical Countries Worth Visiting

From an early age, we all dream of travelling.  And the more we travel, the more we desire to go just a little further. Here are eight countries that offer you truly unique experiences.  What’s more, all of them offer you winter warmth and sunshine. (more…)

11 Interesting Rivers in the World

We are all drawn to rivers.  We build our cities, palaces and temples on their banks.  We use them to define our borders and to travel and trade with people across those borders.  They may bring life to deserts and feature in our culture and our myths.  Here are some interesting rivers, and of course, some truly remarkable ones.   (more…)

Top 3 Places to Go On Safari in Uganda

If you are an African safari junkie, then your trip across ‘the Pearl of Africa’ should be on your bucket list. Uganda, a beautiful country with her enchanting wildlife, large savannah reserves, and other rare sights and sounds, has way too many fascinations for a small country. (more…)