Seven Fascinating Pyramids in Mexico worth Visiting

Centuries ago, Mexico was ruled by ancient civilizations. The Spanish invaders put an end to the ones they found. However, that doesn’t mean they are completely gone or that they haven’t left anything behind. On the contrary, they left many ancient relics and structures that centuries later witness their culture.

teotihuacan pyramid

The pyramids in Mexico are one of the most famous remains of these ancient civilizations. Here we will present some of the most famous popular pyramids in Mexico.

mexico chichen itza pyramid

Calakmul – the great pyramid

This pyramid is located deep in the Yucatan jungles. It was part of what was once known as Calakmul or the kingdom of the snake. The pyramid was in the middle of one of the most important cities in ancient Mexico that was in perpetual war with its neighbors. The great pyramid is one of the biggest in the area and features four royalty tombs discovered inside.

Calakmul pyramid

El Tajin – Pyramid of the Niches

This 20 meters tall pyramid features seven layers and wide staircases located at its east side. What makes this pyramid so distinctive are its decorative niches that were painted black, while the rest of the structure was in dark red. The pyramid of the niches was once part of one of the most important gulf cities in ancient Mexico – El Tajin.

el tajin pyramid of the niches

Uxmal – The Pyramid of the Magician

The pyramid of the magician is an admirable representative of the Mayan architecture, as well as their astronomical knowledge. The stairwell sits in perfect alignment with the setting sun during the summer solstice, while the entire building is in alignment with the planet Venus.

uxmal pyramid of the magician
Uxmal, Pyramid of the Magician

Chichen Itza – Temple of Kukulkan

This pyramid was built to honor a Mayan God represented as a feathered serpent. The most amazing part about the Temple of Kukulkan is the precision of its architecture. As a result, the setting sun during the spring and fall equinoxes creates a vivid illusion of a serpent moving down the banister. If you add all the steps on each of the four sides, you get 365 – the number of days in one year.

Chichen Itza

Teotihuacan – Pyramid of the Moon

The pyramid of the moon was completed somewhere between 200 and 450AD and featured several layers placed on top of each other. Each layer has its burial chamber. The pyramid was dedicated to the Great Goddess.

teotihuacan pyramid of the moon

Coba – Nohoch Mul pyramid

Nohoch Mul pyramid is considered to be one of the most important Mayan sites in Mexico, and it is the tallest one in Yucatan. The pyramid was part of a large settlement that at its peak supported a population of near 50,000 people. Its name Nohoch Mul translated large hill, while Coba means wind over water.

nohoch mul pyramid coba

Teotihuacan – Pyramid of the Sun

Not only that is the biggest pyramid in the city of gods, but it also predated the Mayan structures. The pyramid mimics the shape of the nearby mountain and has several tombs embedded in its layers. The unique feature is its set of chambers located deep inside the pyramid, where most of its rituals were performed.

teotihuacan pyramid of the sun