Robben Island Attractions

Robben Island is a place that has not only been a travel attraction, but also a training prison and has been a defence and training station in the First World War. It is also a hospital for patients of leprosy and has been chosen as a hospital due to its healthy and secure environment. it provides a great environment for curing and healing.

Robben Island has been a permanent prison for all the patients in the hospital and has been recognized in the world as a great museum. This museum here is a very popular institution and is the focus of the heritage in South Africa. There are educational programs for youth, schools, and the adults. It developed the tourism industry and has ongoing research about the island.

Robben Island Prison

This island is famous in tours as the place where the former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela was kept as a hostage. Today it is a World Heritage Site and has magnificent views across the bay along with a fascinating backdrop of the Table Mountains. Take a trip, enjoy the unforgettable experience, and go back to the era of apartheid.

There is a ferry trip that helps you to take back and forth and the island tour and the prison tour is the mainstay of travels here. This is a three and a half hour trip and gives you a wonderful experience. The ferry service are available at regular intervals.

Robben Island

Located around 12 kilometres for Cape Town, this is a place that was mainly used as a place for exile, imprisonment and isolation. It is believed that people lived here thousands of years ago and there was a sea channel in those days, which connected the island to the mainland. The island came to be used as a prison from the middle of the 16th century when the Dutch landed here.

Visit the Robben Island, take back with you a wonderful blend of tour delights, and travel pleasures.