Five Benefits of Choosing a Self-catering Resort When Vacationing in France

When someone mentioned France, the first two associations are Paris and Wine. However, France is so much more than just that. Its countryside, shores, mountains and picturesque villages are exceptionally attractive.

Because there is so much to see and do, self catering resorts are ideally suitable for an amazing holiday in France.

Family Vacation

To make our case to why self-catering can be so great, here are the top five benefits of choosing a self-catering resort when vacationing in France:

#1 Cost-Effective

Self-catering is way more affordable when you travel in a group or as a family. You get to make your food, buy from local markets, and sometimes even buy food directly from local farmers.

#2 Space and Privacy

You get to have an entire cottage for you and make it your temporary home. You can follow all your daily routines in total privacy.

#3 Pet Friendly

Many folks like to travel with their pet. Unlike many hotels, a big percentage of the self-catering resorts are pet-friendly. So, when you pack your bags, don’t forget to make some space for Fido as well.

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#4 Freedom to roam the area

There are no constraints in this regard, especially if you arrive there with your vehicle. You can visit every site worth site nearby, stay there as much as you want, see as many places you like seeing, and when done get back to your village cottage.

#5 Be part of the local community

By staying in a holiday village France you get to feel what it feels like being part of a local community. You get to check out the daily routines of the people that live there, eat in the same restaurants they do, drink in the same taverns they do, attend on their festivals, and see what it feels being part something different than urban living.