Top Travel destinations: Singapore

To experience a land of diversity, one must visit Singapore. It is a small island tucked below Malaysia. Singapore is a country where you can take delight in all modern amenities and yet experience the traditions and cultures of the past. Although small, Singapore has much to offer in South East Asia. The country offers a blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western cultures. You can stay at its five star hotels or backpack your way by staying in smaller hotels or the YMCA. The people of Singapore are friendly and knowledgeable about the country and the world.

buddha-tooth-relic-temple singapore

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore

The country is divided into five zones which are connected by its efficient underground railway system called MRT. If one is uncomfortable traveling by train, you could always take the bus or hail a cab. The staff of all public transportation systems are efficient, helpful and courteous.

Food is the very essence of life in Singapore. There are food courts and hawker centers on most streets, where you can eat local food. Although there are many such food centers, there are restaurants with offer world class cuisine. No matter what your food need, you will be able to find it in Singapore.

The Esplanade is one place where you can experience art at its finest, with modern plays and music. The Museum displays lot about its culture. There are many ways you can spend your evenings…watching plays, relaxing by the river or even dancing the night away.

Children can enjoy the water parks and amazing zoo. The Bird Park is most definitely one of a kind. Kids can frolic at the beach and wander around the butterfly garden in Sentosa. Children can choose from local food to pizzas to satisfy their food cravings.

Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Jurong Bird Park Singapore

A stroll through Chinatown and you experience China. The temples, the medicine halls, the sounds of the Chinese man playing his one string fiddle and the street food. You can find jade jewelery, fine clothes or even find antique furniture.

Another bus ride and one is immersed in the Malay culture. Mosques, kebayas and curry puffs are the life in the Geylang area. A little further and could be in any part of India, with its throngs of people, temple, parrots and tarot cards, food and gold jewelery. The place is aptly named Little India.

When you enter town or the main shopping area in Orchard Road, you leave all forms of culture and are reunited with the modern world. Tall buildings, modern gadgets and plenty to keep you busy and entertained.

orchard road singapore

Orchard Road Singapore

To get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you can visit another island of Singapore called Sentosa. It truly is a holiday when you can kick off your shoes and enjoy the beach, watch the fish whizzes over your head at the Underwater World or even play golf. In the evening, enjoy the sights and sounds of the Musical fountain and the Merlion.

Accommodation can range from twenty Singapore dollars a bed at a backpacker’s inn to eight hundred dollars a night at a luxurious hotel on the island of Sentosa. Fully furnished service apartments can be rented by the week, month or year. It’s easy to find the perfect place for your staying and rent a room in Singapore. However, if you have friends in Singapore, they may be able to spare you a room or a bed at no cost at all.

Lastly, Singapore is a food paradise! There are many delicacies that can be found in every part of Singapore.

Experience all of Asia in one country, Singapore.