Skardu Valley, Shangrila & Lake Saiful Muluk – Pakistan

Spiritually, the world has to be seen as it is and any modification to it would only lead to confusion, and it was true looking at the current scenario in various countries. We are indeed blessed to be seeing nature’s creations, but we spend time surfing on places that have skyscrapers and high structures. As they say, ignorance is bliss, and we often don’t visit places that are Mother Nature’s creations. Visiting such places indeed is a good option to clear one’s mind of any obstacles he/she is going through. We never would have heard poetry or music if there was no beauty to be appreciated in the first place.

Lake Saiful Muluk

We’ve picked 3 places in Pakistan that for us was indeed mind blowing and wouldn’t mind camping even in the harshest of winters.

Skardu Valley

A part of Baltistan is Skardu Valley. Baltistan spreads over 26,000 sq km of space below the glaciated and uneven walls of Karakoram. It belonged to Ladakh once upon a time and known as Little Tibet or Tibet i Khurd. Recent exploration by archeologists proves it to be the Silk Route.


Shangrila Resort is also called ‘Heaven on Earth,’ and housed in one of the highest peaks of the world. The ‘Kachura Lake’ is heart shaped and is surrounded by Shangrila’s fruit-filled orchards and lovely gardens.

Lake Saiful Muluk

The Lake Saiful Muluk is situated at the North of Kaghan Valley, very near Naran. The lake gets its name through a tale written by a renowned Sufi poet Muhammad Bakhsh called Saiful Muluk. The story revolves around a Persian prince’s love for a fairy near the lake. The lake is so beautiful, and there are also rumors about fairies coming down from the heavens to brace the lake during a full moon.