St Lucia Holidays

St Lucia Island is a minuscule island paradise located in the Caribbean, and is located at a distance from Central America. The island is one of the most relaxing Caribbean islands ever, and is home to a number of ultra luxury hotels that have some excellent facilities and services. There are some great St Lucia holidays on offer. The island has some refreshing terrain, mountains and valleys making for a plethora of opportunities for all manner of adventure activities. The island is also located between both the Atlantic and the Caribbean. There are a whole range of traditional as well as ultra modern facilities, as well as whole number of some excellent white sand beaches.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia

To kick start St Lucia holidays, one needs to get a look at the various traveling options. To start with, there is a whole number of excellent airlines that have services in offer for tourists here. The island is served by 2 airports, and a number of transport modes is available here. The weather here is clement most times, most pleasant in the months of Jan and Nov. The weather at this time is much cooler. There are some good cash drawing facilities, and credit cards are accepted. The spoken language here is English, as St Lucia was a British colony before. French is also spoken in a few parts.

Deciding between the various accommodation options is an essential part of the planning for St Lucia Holidays, and there are a whole range of options available with respect to staying, there are a whole number of excellent guest houses, inns, budget, villas. You budget should be a factor in the planning, as should be the location. There are some heavenly locations both in the north as well as the south, and this is inclusive of both the beautiful beach areas, as well as the rustic regions in the island.

Excellent villas with great furnishings and excellent facilities are found at the island, and have luggage delivery service right up to your doorstep. There is also a whole range of excellent views available from these villas. There are a whole number of excellent amenities that are custom designed fro the convenience of the guests. There are a whole range of charming attractions at easy distance. There are also a number of Dickens style inns, which have some of the most enjoyable ambiences ever. There are some excellent bed and breakfasts as well that are available.