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Best White-Sand Beaches in the World: three tips

White Beach, Boracay, Philippines This beach is located on the small, tropical island Boracay, which is in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Some say that this is the best beach in the world. One cannot remain passive stepping on the sugary white, caressing sand.

Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne

Welcome to the award-winning heritage hotel in the city center! Being the winner of the superior accommodation hotel 2010 given away by the state, the Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne overlooking the Yarra River is eminent by its world-class assistance, grace, and legendary importance. This luxury retreat was erected as the Commercial Travelers Club in 1913, which

Things to do in Lizard Island

Some of the best delights in beaches are had in the lovely land of Australia and Pacific, which is dotted with mesmerizing turquoise waters and amazing coral reefs. Lizard Island is one such beach with at least 24 powdery beaches. This luxury resort that is located in the Great Barrier Reef and offers a perfect