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Bali top tourist attractions

Orchid gardens, cool beaches and ancient temples, all these and much more add to the popularity of Bali, a popular Indonesian destination. Ideally set between islands of Java and Nusa Tenggara, Bali is one of the 18,000 islands that together form the whole of Indonesia. A visit to its top five tourist attractions is enough to learn about its vast and colorful Balinese culture and traditions. So, come and read on to know about the top five tourist attractions of Bali. Continue reading “Bali top tourist attractions” »

Art and culture in Bali

The island of Bali is literally a very beautiful island situated under the equator in Indonesian Archipelago, is one of the most interesting and ultimate tourist destination in Asia. Since the first decade of the 20th century visitors have given to it several nicknames “Island of Gods” – “Island of thousand Temples” – “The Last Paradise” – and also often called “Island of Artist”. Continue reading “Art and culture in Bali” »