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Assam Unleashed – Tap to Bihu tune

If you are ever touring north eastern part in India, then you should spend some time in understanding the culture of this place and the traditional ways of people here. India is a country having plenty of festivals and all the Indians celebrate it in a grand way. There is a lot of preparation before every festival and the enthusiasm amongst people is really surprising. Visit one of the festivals here – you will see plenty of enjoyment, laughter, fun, etc. Continue reading “Assam Unleashed – Tap to Bihu tune” »

Goa travel guide

Attractions in GOA

The capital of Goa is a heritage location with many renowned Churches and buildings constructed in Gothic style, situated on the left bank of the Mandovi river. The church dedicated to our Lady of Immaculate Conception, the Chapel of St. Sebastian, the Goa State Museum, the Secretariat building, the statue of Abbe Faria are must-see stops on the itinerary of any tourist. Continue reading “Goa travel guide” »