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Komodo National Park

Are you interested to check out the natural diversity of Indonesia in an eventful way? Then, get ready for your rendezvous with the Komodo Dragon at the famous Komodo National Park of Indonesia. From kids to adults, nearly everyone gets excited at the possibility of visiting this famous attraction of Indonesia. Come meet its main attraction, the last surviving dragon, Komodo. Read on to know more about this park and its dragon. Continue reading “Komodo National Park” »

Borobudur – Best Things to see

Humans have since ages created architectural marvels that tend to awe people even after centuries have passed by. One such structure that is standing tall since ages is the Borobudur, Mahayana Buddhist monument in Melagang, Indonesia. This colossal historical structure has survived many periodic wears and tears and terrorist attacks, to stand as one of the finest South-East Asian relics. Its mystical charm and historical relevance make it an integral part of the itinerary of most tourists while they travel through Indonesia. Continue reading “Borobudur – Best Things to see” »

Kelimutu Lakes

The bounties of nature never seem to amaze us as and when it reveals it surprises we are often hypnotized by them. Out of the countless fantasies from nature, colored lakes of Kelimutu will surely sway your senses. Located in the craters at the summit of Kelimutu Volcano, these lakes are undoubtedly the most fabulous sites of Indonesia. Surprisingly, these lakes change their shades periodically and hence are referred to as the colored lakes. Continue reading “Kelimutu Lakes” »