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Top things to see and do in Rome – Top Tourist Attractions in Rome

For any tourist, Rome offers some of the most emotional unforgettable moments available in travel. This has to do with its rich historic spirit and its ancient, middle-ages and Renaissance sites that are breathtaking. Rome is a city full of treasures and heritage which are second only to Athens, Greece. Of course, the cuisine and the wines of Rome are an experience to behold all on their own. Continue reading “Top things to see and do in Rome – Top Tourist Attractions in Rome” »

Places Not to Miss in Siena, Italy

Siena is a rustic city in Tuscany, Italy. Every year tourist visit Siena to admire its culture, architecture, food and art. Although it is wonder city to visit, it isn’t as crowded as Rome, Florence or Venice.

One of the best places to visit is the Piazza del Campo, better known as “il Campo” to the locals. Here visitors can admire the amazing architecture of the square that has never been altered over the centuries. It is here were Sienese organized their games of risk. The market used to take place here. Continue reading “Places Not to Miss in Siena, Italy” »

Italy Sightseeing Tours

If high fashion shopping, dining on wonderful food, and romanticism is what fascinates you then you should definitely consider sightseeing in Italy. This place has so much to offer that your heart will never be fully satisfied with it. Once you visit this place, you will surely be beckoned to it again and again. This place is rich in history, society and culture that are sure to influence you. It is filled with beautiful monuments, churches and museums. Continue reading “Italy Sightseeing Tours” »

Top 10 destinations for European Travelers

European travelers have a different outlook on tourism and they want to explore EU areas to get relaxation from their busy schedules. Europeans have developed like able attitude towards traveling and they prefer to spend time in tourist scenic spots. Majority of Europe citizens are conservative in their choices and prefer exotic locations for their vacations. Continue reading “Top 10 destinations for European Travelers” »