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Romantic getaways in California for a Honeymoon

If your idea of a honeymoon is unlike the majority that prefer grand exotic extravaganzas to distant touristy locales around the world that have only one fault – they are too touristy, too crowded, these destinations have many times sacrificed many rewarding aspects of the place just to attract tourists, that these places have lost much of the attributes what made them attractive in the first places. Commercialism, when its borders are crossed, has a tendency of getting insipid. Continue reading “Romantic getaways in California for a Honeymoon” »

Romantic Getaways in Virginia

A saying exists amongst people that Virginia is the heaven of lovers, and judging from the varied romantic getaways in Virginia, you would find the saying true indeed. There’s nothing you would have to ask for with scenic drives, historic homes, boat cruises, beaches, wineries and more. The best time you should tour Virginia is autumn. With the green foliage in the mountains and fresh flowers and greenery enhancing the ever picturesque view, Virginia honeymoon promises to be worthy. Summertime would be best if you are aiming for a swim at the romantic Virginia Beach. Virginia winters, however can get turn out to be commendably cold but lots of attractions and accommodations in proximity during those months do exist. Continue reading “Romantic Getaways in Virginia” »

Hawaii honeymoon – 3 Highlights

A Hawaii Honeymoon is among the best things you could do after your marriage, and the state of Hawaii is the ultimate destination for honeymoons in the United states, and with the delightful mixture of the sun, sea and sand couples with the palpable sense of romance in the very air, there is not much that you can say against having a Hawaii honeymoon. There is a whole range of activities offered by the various Hawaii honeymoon resorts for the benefit of honeymooning couples. There are a lot of things to do, and these when done together have a way of cementing your relationship in a way unlike others. Continue reading “Hawaii honeymoon – 3 Highlights” »