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Vietnam travel destinations: The Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi is a district to the west of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Half-day and full-day trips (usually in conjunction with another destinations such as the Cao Dai Temple) are available from numerous businesses. Expect to pay around 5 US dollars for the full-day option, though this does not include meals or entry fees. Continue reading “Vietnam travel destinations: The Cu Chi Tunnels” »

Vietnam holidays: the Mekong Delta

A Vietnam Holiday in the Mekong Delta

A Vietnam holiday in the Mekong Delta is a trip into the heart of the country’s agricultural hub and life force. The nations rice basket, located in the southwest, is responsible for over half Vietnams total rice output and home to a vast number of farming and fishing villages. Subsequently, visiting the delta on a Vietnam holiday will expose the working lives of the rural Vietnamese and offer an insight into the inner workings of this fascinating country. Continue reading “Vietnam holidays: the Mekong Delta” »

Sapa Tours – great adventure in North Vietnam

Do you really want to have another great adventure in North Vietnam? Vietnam Bamboo Travel also offers you some places where you can choose our Sapa Vietnam tour package and enjoy some areas for a few days. Here, you can get some great adventures where you have never seen before. We will help you manage your schedule to visit some places that are considered as the best landmarks in North Vietnam. Let us give you some options below and you can enjoy your holiday anytime you want. Continue reading “Sapa Tours – great adventure in North Vietnam” »

Top 10 destinations for European Travelers

European travelers have a different outlook on tourism and they want to explore EU areas to get relaxation from their busy schedules. Europeans have developed like able attitude towards traveling and they prefer to spend time in tourist scenic spots. Majority of Europe citizens are conservative in their choices and prefer exotic locations for their vacations. Continue reading “Top 10 destinations for European Travelers” »