Tanzania Safari Adventures

Tanzania is an excellent country in Africa and you should visit this place if you yearn for some safari adventures. This country shares its border with Serengeti Park and has a lot of game reserves with plenty of wild animals. Most adventure seekers have overlooked Tanzania in the past; they went more to Serengeti Park and Kenya but now things have changed.

For getting a better experience, safaris at this place are split between south and north zones. The northern safari circuit is the most beautiful one because of Serengeti plains. This park is packed with antelopes, elephants, lions, crocodiles, and lots of other animals. It is famous for migratory groups; during annual migration, there are huge groups of wildebeest which go to northern land of Kenya. This includes two million wildebeest including gazelles, antelopes, and zebras. They form a big buffet for predators like cheetahs and lions.

You should also visit Arusha National Park, aka ‘Little Serengeti’; it gives you an opportunity to view the zebras, buffaloes, and giraffes, more closely in the plains. If you want to enjoy the wildlife sans the traffic, then I would recommend you to go to Tarangire Park. It is a place where you will find plenty of leopards, different bird species, and elephants along with giant Boabab trees.

Southern safari circuit isn’t really that popular but it is some still find it attractive due to the great viewing attractions. There is Selous Game Reserve which is home to a lot of elephants, (bizarre tree climbing) lions, and buffaloes. There is also Lake Manyara where you get to see a big group of pink and bright flamingoes. If you want to study the local people here, you can go to Mtu-wa-Mbu town which is abode of the different national ethnic groups. The markets here have plenty of Maasai trinkets, crafts, and arts.

In the world of hunting, the most important term is ‘big five’ and it relates to five animals – buffalo, rhino, lion, leopard, and elephant. Even today, there are plenty of these animals found in the national parks. You might be thinking how hard it can be to find them. The answer to that question is that these beasts are good at camouflaging and hence hunting them is quite perplexing. Also, these animals come out of their homes mostly in the night and spotting them isn’t easy in day time safari. Here I am going to blog about some places where you get night safaris. However, it isn’t necessary that you will get all of the five aforementioned animals in every safari. The charm of any wildlife is best when you get to see all the animals. Also, there are some peculiar instances like a giraffe looks prettier at a close view and a lioness looks best when she is at a distance.

Hence, it would be unfair to hold a safari guide responsible if you can’t see different species of animals in a single trip. It will just discourage the guide from showing you more animals further down the road. The national parks here also have wild game parks and hence you can’t expect the animals to approach you. You will have a great time with the nature here and it will certainly keep you cheerful in case you are disappointed for not finding any cheetah or baboon.

If you are the kind of person who likes to explore the wild on your own, then check out the different backpacking tours offered here. Maasai cultural excursion, bird-watching tour, mountain climbing adventure and even shopping will easily fit in your personal safari. Stately accommodation too is provided here.

There have been a few incidences where the travelers have got lost in some distant areas and don’t have any money to get them back. There are also hustlers in the safaris which can rob you of your belongings. Hence, you should be wary about this.

The best time to visit here for safari would be peak season from the month of January to April. The wildlife is best viewed at this time. You will also have to face some crowd here because a lot of people come during in this time of the year. Dry season after April migration in Serengeti won’t be really satisfying as the wild goes in to Kenya and predators rest for their chase after rains. Also, you should totally avoid the rainy seasons.