The 4 Best Areas to Live in Hanoi: A Complete Guide for Expats

As an expat, you can be guaranteed flexible lifestyles in the city of Hanoi. You have the option of living just as the locals do or even live the luxurious life that you desire. Most of the locals travel on bike and foreigners that have been here for years have also adopted the lifestyle. But it is all left for you to choose. At the same time, if you are the kind of individual that cannot trade your comfort with any other thing, then this guide on the best four areas to live in Hanoi is just for you.

It is also important to note that your stay in the country will also determine the kind of apartment you want to go for. This guide will talk about where you can get condos for rent in Hanoi if you don’t plan on staying for long.

Hanoi condos for rent

Hoan Kiem Area

This area can be sub-categorized into two parts: The French Quarter, which is south of the Hoan Kiem lake and the Old Quarter, which is north of the Lake. This area boasts of a classic luxurious lifestyle befitting anyone from a more developed part of the world. The beautiful lake and the swamp of tourists around the area is one sight to behold.

Dong Da District

This area is highly recommended for foreigners in Vietnam. It is just adjacent Ba Dinh, which happens to be a neighborhood like a phase to Dong Da. A lot of foreigners are resident in this neighborhood, and the serene and security it offers are one of the reasons why expats in Vietnam are attracted to the location. If you plan to stay short in the country, you can get condos for rent in Hanoi with a spacious ground to set it up here.

Hanoi condos for rent

West Lake Area

If you are the type of individual that enjoys the serenity, then this area is for you. It is not as busy as the other areas, and it can boast of the best hotels in Hanoi, besides the beautiful villas with modern-style architecture. It is considered by many as a romantic location and very popular among expats, too.

Truc Bach Area

Just like West Lake, Truc Bach is also an environment that is quite popular among expats. It is a relaxed section of the city, facing the southern part of the lake. There are a host of classic restaurants here, and it also boasts of beautiful walkways, where you can enjoy your walk under cover of trees.

Hanoi condos for rent

Hai Ba Trung

This location is considered by many as the most modern of all. The roads are wider than the other locations, though quite chaotic. Hai Ba Trung area has fewer numbers of expats though. If you are the type that enjoys understanding more of the local environment and mingling with the locals, then you can consider this area.

Now that you are aware of best areas, you should start considering your options of condos for rent in Hanoi.