The best beaches in Peru

Come to the land of Peru and enjoy the pristine ambience and natural beauty here. Visit the beaches and let the travelling bug get to you. Enjoy the natural surprise that this land gives you and get involved in all the activities that can be enjoyed under the sun. Rejuvenate, relax and just take a great holiday break in this land of beaches, scenic splendor and travel delights. Just unwind and enjoy all that you wanted to, in a beach and give yourself that much needed rest in one of the Peru beaches.

Go to the Punta Sal which is located near the lovely fishing town Mancora. Situated in the northern coast of Peru this lovely beach land is laden with attractive sand and beautiful surfing facilities. Surf here from the months of November to February which are the best months for such adventurous activities.

Peru Beaches

With the sun smiling down all through the year, the season becomes packed with tourists in the months of December to March. Holiday seekers from Ecuador and Lima come here and enjoy to their heart’s content. The beach at Punta Sal is very tourist friendly and offers the best plethora of beach pleasures and adventurous activities. With clean surroundings and ideal beach travails, the Punta Sal comes across as a favourite of many beach enthusiasts.

Pacific coast in Paracas, Peru

Pacific coast in Paracas, Peru

To reach the Punta sal you can reach Mancora by flight. The airports at Piura and Tumbes are found to be the nearest. Or else take a bus that goes between Mancora and Lima.

With ideal surroundings and the best of natural ambience the Peru beaches are a pleasure to reckon with. Most of the beaches have facilities for activities like windsurfing, and provide that element of adventure to the tourists.

Punta sal, Peru
Then there is the Mancora beach which lies around half an hour from Punta Sal. Here you can find the surfers trying to enjoy their activity as they try to catch the next wave. Normally the waves are around 6 feet tall but sometimes they get taller. This normally occurs during the months of December to March. There are lessons offered on the shorefront classes. So if you want to be a learner then you have all the facilities. This small fishing town is pretty active and lively in the warmer months. Today it is also famous for the Inca Trail hikers who come here looking for a relaxed spot during their long treks and trail schedule. With the best of soft white sand, the beach is a complete paradise and you could just casually walk down the beach peacefully with the sands fighting against each grain to enter your feet. See the Las Pocitas rock formation here which is a great tourist attraction. Also enjoy the swimming pools here which provide ultimate pleasure. Summers see the bars lining up in front of the beach. All in all, a great experience in this part of the world.

Mancora beach, Peru

There are other beaches like the Paita, the Santa Rosa and the Pimental besides the Huanchaco. Most of the flights to Peru land at Lima. The sandy shores and the lovely rocky terrain around render a tourist and a beach lover very ecstatic with pleasure. While in Lima there are the regions of Chorrillos, Barranco and Mirraflores around which give you the ultimate travel experience. Some of the good scenes of sunset are caught in these Peru beaches so just watch out for these memorable sights.