The Enduring Charm of Booze Cruises to France

The timeless allure of the ‘booze cruise’ remains vibrant. However, it’s not just about venturing to Calais, France, to stock up on affordable wine, beer, spirits, and perhaps some robust cheese and deli meats. There are numerous intriguing destinations to explore during your visit, making your French day out even more unforgettable!

Discovering Calais

Calais offers more than just hypermarkets and economical beverages. The old town of Calais is stunning, boasting exquisite and authentic French eateries where you can relish the savings made on your wine purchases. Additionally, the town hosts splendid markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, offering more opportunities for bargain hunting.

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The Esteemed Wine Society

For wine aficionados, a visit to the renowned Wine Society in Montreuil-sur-Mer, a mere 40-minute drive from Calais, is a must. Membership grants access to a plethora of exquisite wines, many available for under ten pounds, and enlightening wine education, providing you with dazzling dinner party conversation topics. The convenience of online or telephonic ordering allows for easy pick-up during your French visit, with over 500 varieties to select from.

The Scenic Cap Blanc Nez

Venturing away from Calais’ hypermarkets reveals the stunning Opal Coast, stretching to Boulogne-sur-Mer. Cap Blanc Nez offers breathtaking views, adventurous paragliding, and parachuting experiences, making it a notable attraction along this picturesque route.

Wissant’s Equestrian Delight

For those seeking fresh air and a connection with nature after the ferry journey, Wissant provides an excellent riding school, offering cliff-top horse rides, ensuring an exhilarating experience in this charming village.

Dunkirk’s Memorial du Souvenir

Dunkerque, steeped in history, houses the Memorial du Souvenir, a museum dedicated to the Battle of Dunkirk’s memorabilia, offering a captivating glimpse into those “nine harrowing days.”

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