The ultimate guide to renting your next home in Dubai

Renting a home in Dubai is very easy. There are condos, villas, penthouses and so many other options to suit diverse tenants’ requirements. As the number of people moving to Dubai for jobs has been increasing constantly, there has been a huge demand in the real estate in Dubai. There have been numerous factors contributing to the growth of the economy of this city, real estate being one of them. It is undeniable that the real estate market here has seen several ups and downs but this has more or less contributed to the unique maturity that Dubai real estate depicts. The trailing prices of rents have become a favorable factor for all the expats moving to this city. If you are planning to rent a home in Dubai for the first time or if you are looking to relocate from your current home then check out the Dubai homes for rent listed on Fazwaz website.

Few little details that you should not miss

When you visit a home ensure that you evaluate the condition of the house before you finalize the deal. You might have your timelines for moving in. Are there major repairs that might take longer than the available time? If there are small repairs, will the landlord keep up the promise and complete them on time? These are questions to ask before signing your tenancy contract. Evaluate the proximity of the house to the essentials like hospitals, schools and shopping centers besides checking the closeness to the office location. Make sure that the building has a maintenance team that can take care of quick repairs. Also in case of maintenance charges being added to the rent understand the type of expenses covered in the additional maintenance charges being paid. Also personally visiting the house rather than finalizing based on the photos, would ensure that you get to experience the neighborhood and also check the condition of the apartment building or the property on the whole. Tiny things like ongoing construction nearby or the presence of a commercial complex close by can lead to the additional crowd or noise levels.

Questions you should be asking

  • Talk to the landlord about the air conditioning arrangement offered in the building. There are some houses where there are additional charges added for the air conditioning arrangement besides the rent. Make sure that you understand all the facilities that are included with your rent and the type of additional expenses involved.
  • Before moving into the property the landlord takes care of the repair costs. But after moving into the house there are some types of maintenance or repair costs that are to be taken up by the tenant and some that should be handled by the landlord. Be clear about the classification of expenses.
  • Ensure that there are no maintenance bills pending on the flat. Get them cleared before you move in so that you only pay from the month that you are moving in.
  • Talk to the landlord about the rental increase rate and the tenure after which the rent would be increased.