Best Eight Things to do in Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is one of Europe’s best loved cities and one of its most beautiful. Known as the “Pearl of Danube” or “City of Baths, the city is divided into two parts by the River Danube, the hilly Buda located on the western side of the river and the flat Pest located on its eastern side. Both these cities are quite different from each other.

Budapest’s numerous parks filled with greenery, historical monuments, excellent museums and art galleries, marvelous theaters, a vigorous nightlife and above all a friendly and warm people make this the paramount destination for discerning travelers all over the world.

Szechenyi Baths Budapest

Visit the Royal Palace and the Parliament Building

The Royal Palace

The Royal part is an important monument for the city and is an amazing place to get to know Hungary’s history and culture. The Palace houses a large collection of antiques and other valuables. The fort weapons are really old and date back to the Dark Ages.

The Parliament Building

The 19th Century Parliament building is a short walk from the Inner city. The building is a magnificent example of architecture. Gothic pinnacles line the building from outside. There is also a collection of 88 sculptures of Hungary’s rulers through the ages.

Visit the Heroes Square

The Heroes Square in Budapest has the Millennium Monument, the historical statue complex designed by Albert Schickedanz and Fulop Herczog. The Museum of Fine Arts and the Hall of Arts are located near the square. The Vajdahunyad Castle is also worth a good look see.

Visit the Synagogue

Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum

The Great Synagogue and the Jewish Museum is the biggest synagogue in Europe, and is a majestic structure. The Jewish Museum is located near the synagogue is also worth a visit.

The Old Jewish District is another interesting place.

Take a Bath!

Budapest sits above a collection of mineral springs, both hot water and cool water springs. Calcium, Magnesium, sulphates and fluorides are said to be found in these waters. These springs are said to have medicinal properties. Numerous public spas are to be found through out Budapest, and these are the best places to unwind and take advantage of the curative and rejuvenating effects of the springs.

Many bath houses are pretty old and splendidly architectured. The Gellért baths in Budapest are renowned through out the city and is an excellent specimen of architecture from the Belle époque style.

There are also several Turkish baths that date back to 16th century.

Party hard

Budapest has a totally alive and pulsating nightlife. Parties are an excellent way to meet a lot of interesting people who live in Budapest.

The city abounds with pubs, bars and clubs ranging from the up market clubs, uber cool hangouts to the seedy places. Borozó is a wine pub that offers splendid Hungarian wine at ridiculously low prices.

Hungary is famous for its wine regions of Balaton and Eger, some great wine is on offer.

Get a taste of the Music scene

The Opera House hosts some excellent operas with snacks in the break. The Franz Liszt Academy of Music is an excellent place to listen to some classical music. The Budapest Klezmer band gives an amazing performance.

Also, there are several music festivals like the Balatone Festival and Volt festival. Godor Club and Green Pardon have live performances.


Budapest has a thriving food industry, and has numerous excellent restaurants. Specialties like Hungarian gulyas, paprika, porkolt, halaszle should compulsarily be tried. The Hungarian pastries make some excellent dessert.

Visit Margaret Island

The Margaret Island is 2.5 km long and 500 m wide with an area of 225 acres. The Island is a beautiful hide away and is covered mostly with leisure parks, and is a popular destination to relax, and escape from Budapest’s hustle and bustle. The Arpad Bridge and Margaret Bridge connects the island to Budapest.

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