Top 10 destinations for European Travelers

European travelers have a different outlook on tourism and they want to explore EU areas to get relaxation from their busy schedules. Europeans have developed like able attitude towards traveling and they prefer to spend time in tourist scenic spots. Majority of Europe citizens are conservative in their choices and prefer exotic locations for their vacations.

Top 10 locations liked by European people are:

  • France: This is a popular place for Europeans. They enjoy the beauty of nature and climatic variations of this wonderful city.
  • Spain: This is a blend of historical and religious places. It is tough to get accommodation in this city due to excessive business people and tourists visiting this place often.
  • Italy: It is famous for lovely food and restaurants. People visit to Italy for viewing leaning tower of Pisa and other places.
  • Israel: has many beautiful places where you can spend your vacation. But Tel Aviv is the most wonderful of them. Famous for its Mediterranean climate and beautiful views. offers many apartments that may become a good option for traveler who wants to spend an unforgettable vacation in Tel Aviv.
  • London (UK): It is the favorite old city of Europeans due to a perfect blend of rich architecture. London is crowded and for the people loving gatherings.
  • Denmark: people love to enjoy this place for adventurous riding and biking.
  • Vietnam: Europeans often travel to this place for experiencing newness in the old city.
  • India: Europe citizens are fond of Indian culture and diversified history. They love to see historic places in India.
  • Florida and Las Vegas: Fun loving people in UK love to explore US cities, like Las Vegas for partying all around.
  • UAE: This is a perfect shopping spot for Europeans.
  •  Singapore and Malaysia: These places have best scenic beauty and man-made architecture.