Tourist Attractions in Cape Verde

Welcome to the African holiday heaven! Situated off the West African shoreline, Cape Verde is an array of islands of which nine of them are unpopulated. Although the climate is dry, every visitor enjoys here in their own ways – all thanks to the tourist attractions in Cape Verde. As it is an island, nobody can miss to explore the beautiful nature here that resides in form of endless white beaches and lively atmosphere. So, for a water sport enthusiast, it is just the perfect place to be.

Further, one will also admire the varying landscapes despite the fact that the area covered by the region is not that big – Maio’s infertile grounds to the volcanic peak of Mt. Fogo with chilled lava. The tourist attractions in Cape Verde have made the place the best destination for a brave land adventurer, a dynamic water sport lover, and a morno follower. The latter part refers to the undying mournful songs called mornos of the lady, Cesaria Evora. This is where the West African beats and cheerless Portuguese tunes are the most captivating. I will now tell you about the main tourist attractions in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde

The Fogo Island is worth visiting due to its stunning mountain – the only live volcano adorned with the highest peak of 2829 m. What is just great for photography? It is nothing but the myriad of slopes that are coated with the lava. What is more enjoying? It is trekking the slopes to reach the highest point here. For some relaxation, explore the black beach. Then, Santiago, the largest inhabited island here, is full of small mountainous beaches. In the capital Praia, the tourists enjoy shopping souvenirs, reclining at any of its pristine beaches, and spending a musical night. If you are in the capital, do not miss to explore the old city known as Cidade Velha where the first Portuguese town used to reside. Undoubtedly deserving to be a World Heritage Site, you will admire its present relics as well as the old edifices that will take you on a legendary trip. Next, the Fortaleza Real de Sao Filipe that is a Portuguese citadel perched on a cliff of Sao Filipe is must a visit for all history lovers to discover about the Portuguese regal bygone period as well as the Atlantic trade.

Cape Verde

The Sal Island is the abode of salt pits that since times immemorial has provided this necessary food item to the Portuguese. It is because of these pits that the island is named so. There are many white sand beaches here and yes, diving is a famous sport here with three diving schools. Santo Antao is where you can experience the thrill of hiking above the pined edge that also involves a descent in the splendid valleys as well as canyons. See if you can spot this – several deep valleys – that are actually the craters of worn out volcanoes, which are today covered by tropical vegetation. What is even more stunning is the striking panorama as well as the rugged shore offering a good platform for walking as well as climbing.

Mindelo, a deep port nestled at the cultural islet of Sao Vicente, is adorned with the ancient colonial edifices, the clean Santa Monica beach, and a sight of traditional folk songs and dances. Do explore the Palacio de Presidente whose architecture in Indian style is just incredible. It is the home of the governing council. If you have time, do plan a trip to Maio as it is a distant and quiet area. However, its white beaches are worth a look. On one of its beaches, see if you can spot the eggs of the sea turtles.

Cape Verde

So, it is just a question of planning your trip properly so that in less time, you can visit more islands and sights. There is a huge variety of hotels in Cape Verde. Your best option is to visit an online hotel booking website and view package deals: offering cheap hotels and discount vacation packages.

Best Time to Visit

August to October is the often suggested for a trip to Cape Verde. This is certainly due to the fact that the weather at this time is warm and pleasant without any trace of strong winds. In fact, the islands are such that you can visit anytime. However, if you like to be in the sun, then come here from November to July.