Tropical Countries: Eight Remote and Tropical Countries Worth Visiting

From an early age, we all dream of travelling.  And the more we travel, the more we desire to go just a little further. Here are eight countries that offer you truly unique experiences.  What’s more, all of them offer you winter warmth and sunshine.

Myanmar.  Visit this country soon, before it changes.

Myanmar was closed to outsiders for many years.  Because of this, it was able to preserve its unique culture, and is still seen as a very secluded, hidden country.  However, the good news for travellers is that since 2014, Myanmar has become more open.

Myanmar - Tropical Countries

Of course, because of its ‘closed’ status for so many years, most tourists will visit Myanmar searching for traditions and unspoilt landscapes.  But it is worth remembering that, as it is now an ‘open’ country, naturally, things will change.

At present, it is a country rich in Buddhist temples.  Also, the Inle Lake is another place to visit.  Here you will find a most unusual style of local fishing.

Bora Bora, Tahiti – a South Pacific Eden

Bora Bora is everything that you would expect from a South Pacific Eden.  Adorned with lush, green vegetation, the island’s inner-landscape rises to a dramatic pinnacle that overlooks a dreamily, blue lagoon.  The views from the palm-lined beaches are simply stunning.  Rich in French influence, the island also offers some luxurious beach-side accommodation, water sports and a rich experience for those who enjoy cuisine.

Bora Bora Tahiti

Maldives Wonderful snorkelling and diving opportunities

The Maldives has a reputation in the mind of most potential visitors: perfect tropical islands, with chalk-white beaches and beautiful bungalows.  Of course, the truth is more complex: yes, it genuinely is a paradise for tourists.  Yes, there are some of the most luxurious hotels in the world located in the Maldives.  However, life for the local population may not be as luxurious.

maldives-tropical countries

Away from relaxing on the beach, the Maldives also offers some great water sports opportunities.  The water is clean; the diving and snorkelling is great: genuinely, you’ll meet an incredible variety of sea life beneath the waves.  Here it is possible to dive to the reefs; to visit the area where hammerhead sharks congregate to feed; to swim with whale sharks.

Antigua and Barbuda: outrageously beautiful beaches

If you have ever imagined a tropical island, but have never actually been to one, chances are that you have conjured up in your mind either Bora Bora, or Antigua: a steep-hilly inland, covered in lush vegetation, surrounded by palm trees and outrageously beautiful beaches.  Antigua also offers historical delights such as Nelson’s Dockyard, and not surprisingly, is a favourite port of call for those who sail the Caribbean.  Getting around the island remains quite cheap as taxis are affordable, and there are many public beaches on the island.

Nearby Antigua, lies the island of Barbuda.  Truly a remarkable place, Barbuda boasts some of the most unique beaches in the world, some of which have pink sand.  In addition to the island’s beautiful beaches, the island is also visited by some of the rarest birds to be found, and is a popular destination with bird watchers and yachtsmen alike.

Pink Beach Barbuda

Costa Rica:  Rich in natural wonders

Costa Rica is rich in natural beauty.  Amazingly, almost 25% of the country is protected in national reserves.  Even more amazingly, despite its relatively small size, Costa Rica offers a variety of very different landscapes: high mountains, volcanoes, steamy rainforests, exceedingly dry areas and swampy lowlands.  Incidentally, many of the volcanoes are still active, and can be visited.

Costa Rica - tropical countries

Fiji Isolated islands of paradise

Consisting of 332 islands, Fiji is not only a pacific paradise, but it is located halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, hence it is genuinely a very remote desitination.

Fiji has an abundance of beautiful beaches, and so, obviously is a perfect place to relax by the ocean.  However, it also offers the more intrepid visitor a volcanic landscape to explore, national parks to hike within, and huge pacific waves upon which to surf.  All things considered, Fiji really is a unique holiday destination.

Fiji - tropical countries

Uganda Gorillas, elephants, lions…..

Uganda offers a fantastic experience to travellers who wish to visit the heart of Africa.  Cheaper than its neighbours of Tanzania and Kenya, and less developed perhaps for tourists, Uganda still genuinely offers a plethora of parks and wildlife:

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Ajai Game Reserve.  Here you can encounter gorillas, elephants, giraffes, lions and a vast amount of other African wildlife.

Uganda safari

Mexico: Los Cabos, Mazatlán and Akumal

Los Cabos is becoming ever-more popular, and if you’ve ever seen some of the wonderful pictures that are captured here, then it’s not difficult to understand why. The unusual rock formations, that seem to step directly into the sea, create a beautiful backdrop for the beach. In addition to this, Los Cabos offers a more affordable option compared to some of the more expensive resorts in Mexico.

Mazatlán offers some glorious sunsets, along a stretch of coast peppered with near-shore islands. Here you will find affordable hotels, delicious cuisine, open-air taxis, and a lively boardwalk.

Mazatlan cruise

Akumal is perfect for those who love snorkelling and diving. The area has many lagoons and natural parks. In years gone by, the Mayans spoke of this area as being the “Place of the Turtle”. The name still rings true today, and many visitors come here with the hope of seeing turtles. Accommodation here is plentiful and there are many affordable hotels and motels, as well as all-inclusive resorts.

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