UK Holiday Destinations

The United Kingdom is a great place for a holiday whether you’re visiting from abroad or living within the UK.

There are some great locations from the capital city of London with Buckingham Palace and lots of other attractions to rural beauty spots such as the Lake District and Snowdonia National Park.

The UK road network is very good and there are a number of airports throughout the country ensuring that you’re never very far from your holiday destination.

Car hire services are available and you can usually land at an airport within easy driving distance of your preferred location.

If you don’t like driving the UK rail network is very good and runs throughout the entire country so most destinations are within easy reach from a station.

Some of the most popular UK holiday destinations are London, Edinburgh, the Lake District, Cornwall, and North Wales.

The country is filled with a wealth of history with historic momuments and castles dotting the landscape. In the north of the country on the Scottish border you can find Hadrian’s Wall separating Scotland from England.

The UK has many top hotels whether you choose to stay in a city or are looking for a more rural retreat.

If you’re happy going local then many of the local guest houses and bed and breakfasts offer exceptional standards of accommodation.

Additionally the UK has large numbers of caravan and holiday parks and the traditional British seaside holiday is world famous!

Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday the United Kingdom has something to offer. Take a further look at some of the other articles on UK Holiday Destinations.