Visiting Denpasar, Bali

The capital of Bali is Denspar and it is a fantastic place to visit to relax although it is a city. There are a number of shopping sites that crisscross each other in the heart of the city. Roughly 30% of Denspar’s population is made up of Sasaks from Lombard, Javanese Muslims and some Chinese-Indonesians making this are a cosmopolitan which is full of various cultures which brings out the attractiveness of this area.

denpasar bali

Alun-alun Puputan
This place is also known as Puputan square or Taman Puputan and the events of 20th September were mostly recreated here. The Dutch invaded Raja of Budang along with hundreds of his followers during this period. The locals dressed entirely in white and carried with them a golden dagger called Kris including the children and they vowed to fight till death other than being invaded by the Europeans. On this very grassy square, a massive suicide of Raja and his followers took place and those who remained alive are said to have been killed by the Dutch.

The Bali Museum
This is the city’s most popular tourist attraction and is rich in information concerning Bali’s history and its unique cultural heritage. It was first constructed in the year 1910 and it was the Dutch’s resident’s creation who wanted to build it using temple elements and traditional palace fusion. The Gedung Karangasem is said to be the most fascinating and interesting place in the museum because of the information regarding the five key rituals that were performed and displays about Balinese Hinduism.

Pura Agung Jagatnata
It was commissioned in 1953 and this magnificent temple is a good example of the modern temples. The first things that you will see when you visit this place are the intricate frogs and lotus flower carvings on the small stone bridge allowing you to access the central gallery. Padmasana tower is the heart of the temple and is situated in the inner courtyard. White corals are the materials used and the top part the heads of demons are used to decorate it whereas the face and hands of Bhoma has been adorned on the bottom part and his purpose was to protect the temple from the evil spirits that approached it. Devotees attend the festival held here during the full moon.

Pasar Badung
This is the best market that you can visit when you visit Denpasar. It is a three storey traditional pasar and many visitors drive downtown to this area. The local women are very polite and are ready to offer you any assistance when moving round this round the market and they will be paid commissions if you buy any goods from the store.