Walt Disney World Vacation Planning

Walt Disney World complex is open all year long. Usually, parks open at 9.00 am and close from 6.00 pm to 12.00 pm, depending on the season. Animal Kingdom opens and closes earlier than the rest of the parks due to operative issues. You can request the timetables by phone or by the Internet. For Disney hotels: Experience the Benefits of Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort

The number of visitors increases from February to August and in holiday seasons. During January, September, October and November the number of visitors is lower. Tuesdays are the most visited days and Sundays and Fridays are the less visited ones.

Disney Magic Kingdom and MGM start to get empty at 4 pm and at that time is when Epcot starts to receive a great number of visitors. This is due to the fact of the child offer of the former ones, and the restaurant and night clubs offers of the latter one.


Parades are repeated several times during the day. If you have seen the parade already or if you are not interested, you can use that time to go to the attractions since queues are smaller during those events.

In all the parks you have baby carriages and parking for them.

About the trip in general:

• Take clothes that adjust to different temperatures. Remember that in the morning you may feel cold but during the day and walking all day long, your body heat will increase. Bear this in mind when preparing the suitcases.

• If your ears hurt when the plane descends, you can have chew gum or nose drops to alleviate the pain.

• Put your money in different suitcases and bags so that the lost or robbery of one of them does not mean the lost of all your money.

• If you need hotels browse www.luxury-resort-guide.com for the best hotel deals.

• Make all the reservations that you have to make —accommodations, transport, etc. —at home and do not do them at the plane, since an inconvenient at that time can ruin your vacation.

For more information on Orlando go to Orlando official site. For Florida tourist information go to Florida official tourism portal.

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