Where to stay in Santorini: Top 6 Santorini Hotspots to Stay At

Santorini has always been one of those picture-perfect postcard destinations that show up in many travelers’ bucket lists. Part of planning a trip to the island it is first essential to decide between accommodations in the towns along the caldera or stay at a place by the beach.

Perched on the caldera on the western portion of the island, travelers will find the towns of Oia, Fira, Imerovigli, and Firostefani. The area is home to clubs, trendy establishments, and luxurious hotels. Those who choose to stay here are awarded the view of the nearby volcano.


If a beach location is your cup of tea, the eastern coast of the island is the place to stay. The laid back atmosphere, affordable pub food, and the overall more relaxed feel of the area are just as popular as the caldera section. Check out our curated list below.

The Caldera


From Santorini’s more traditional villages, Pyrgos is hands down the most charming of them all. With its perch on the highest spot on the mountaintop, panoramic sunset views of the entirety of Santorini can be seen from this vantage point. The majority of the area is a maze of restaurants, churches, boutiques, and ruins which are accessible only to pedestrians. Vineyards and tasting rooms are situated on the foothills, making it a popular destination for tourists. Hotels in Pyrgos

pyrgos santorini


On the northernmost tip of the island, travelers will find Oia. Known the world over for its amazing sunsets, it is said that the best hotels can easily be found here. Packed to the brim during peak season, travelers will find countless high-end restaurants and shops in this area. Getting to the neighboring town of Fira is a bit of a long walk so it’s advisable to hop a bus or a taxi cab. Hotels in Oia

oia santorini


One of the quieter towns that sit along the caldera, Imerovigli provides an unprecedented view of the sunset. Unlike the towns of Firostefanii and Fira, Imerovigli does not have views that are unimpeded by the islands that are close by. Although the town only has about ten dining establishments, they are reputed to be the best. Hotels in Imerovigli

Imerovigli Santorini

The Beaches


A clear favorite amongst families, Kamari is recognized for its beachfront — pedestrian-friendly walkways. Plenty of good eateries are situated here, and the beach shoreline is covered in pebbles while the waters are refreshing and cool. From Fira, Kamari is just a 15-minute bus ride away thus making it the perfect destination for day trips. Hotels in Kamari

kamari santorini


Some vacationers prefer sand on their feet whenever they hit the beach. Perissa although a little farther out than Kamari and Fira offers just that. Given its distance, staying at this beach town can make visiting the caldera a bit challenging. The town boasts of a slowly growing number of upscale accommodations and restaurants as well as hotels that are low key and friendlier on the pocket. The bars are accessible to pedestrian via the beach roads. Hotels in Perissa

perissa santorini


Next door to Perissa, vacation goers will find the town of Perivolos. Crossing over from one town to the other is barely noticeable since there are no defining borders between the two. The southern section that is Perivolos happens to be the quieter of two towns. Slowly shaping up to be a more upscale place with the addition of luxurious clubs and restaurants. Hotels in Perivolos

perivolos santorini