Adventure holidays in Argentina

An absolutely incredible country to explore, Argentina is rich in natural wonders such as dramatic glaciers: Moreno and Perito and Iguazu falls, provides opportunity for fantastic skating and skiing and a chance of encountering whales and penguins closely. From the Andes’ Antiplano and north’s humid jungles, through the lush wine country and celebrated open pampas of Gauchos, this wide country will take you amidst the romantic settings of windswept of Patagonia which seems like absolute end of this world.

The southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia is one of the best places. It rests at the farthest tip of Latin America on Tierra del Fuego’s island and overlooks the beagle channel’s shores. Apart from the Antarctic tourism that brings people to this place, Ushuaia is the pioneers’ town literally called end of the world-el fin del Mundo and is renowned for wonderful hiking possibilities, world class journey, skiing, short boat journeys. The journey to Argentina is incomplete without the mention of almighty and highly impressive Iguazu falls which are situated on the borders of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Apart from being magnificent and world’s most beautiful waterfall, Iguazu has a national park containing an array of varied and diverse species and activities like rappelling and hiking.

This is not all as Argentina has a popular trekking region called El Calafate which is located at the country’s heart and provides easy access to the nearby snow capped mountain region and further field to El Chalten amidst stunning Moreno Perito glacier. El Calafate is within the reach of Los Glaciers National Park including Perito Merino glacier along with many others and hence is favourite and first tourists’ spot along with base for the exploration of Argentina’s most spectacular Patagonian Andes. The reason the popularity of El Calafate is also the modern tourist facilities that it provides and its airport. This area is facilitated for independent hiking and fishing as well.

Hence, from learning the marvellous tango in amazingly beautiful Beunos Aires to wildlife watching of rare and exotic species and from fishing in water to trekking and hiking in National parks and rappelling amidst lovely surroundings, Argentina offers abundant adventure travel for every traveller’s unforgettable experience.