Caribbean Resorts: All Inclusive Deals To Aruba

Aruba Hotel Resort SpaAruba is a small island in the Lesser Antilles, located in the southernmost part of Caribbean Sea, very close to Venezuela, South America.

It is one of the islands in Caribbean which isn’t an independent country, but is an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Island of Aruba is also one of the most popular vacation places in the western hemisphere, being visited year-round by millions of holidayer seeking for lounging on gorgeous beaches, practicing water sports (scuba diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing are favorite leisure activities), benefiting on cost-effective Caribbean all inclusive deals in luxury resorts at Or spending exciting moments into one of the many casino located there!

Island of Aruba has several characteristics that set it as a unique travel destination in Caribbean.

Not all tourists know that the tropical climate in this part of the world has two seasons, one dry (December-May) and one wet (June-November).

Due to its geographical position, this island has a more dry climate, with much less rainfall in the wet season, and is positioned outside of the hurricane belt – as result going there on holiday is great at any time of the year! The air temperature variation is also low, (85-89 Fahrenheit degrees or 29-32 Celsius degrees), just like the water temperature (generally about 80 Fahrenheit degrees or 26 Celsius degrees, a little bit colder in March), so Aruba seems to be the perfect destination for beach vacations in Caribbean!

Along with excellent weather and awesome coastline covered by white sand, on Aruba are settled numerous high-rise hotels. Because of the very harsh competition amongst tour operators, the accommodation conditions feature luxury amenities and are available plenty of low-cost hotel deals! In the recent years the popularity of all inclusive packages has increased worldwide very much and as result most lodging houses in Aruba display on sale such travel bundles because it are considered by many voyagers the best way to visit exotic holiday spots. Foreign travelers prefer inclusive vacations due to the fact that it comprise airfare, accommodation, meals, beverages & soft drinks, use of sport amenities, and various water activities like windsurfing, canoe riding, and others.

To attract more vacationers, most hotels in Aruba include special features in their packages such as “Kids Stay Free”, “Honeymoon Welcome Gift”, “Complimentary Room Upgrade”, “Kids Stay, Eat And Play Free”, or “$100 Resort Credit”! Others go further and promote special room rates that afford tourists to save 15-35% of the basic prices! Still, the bargains are not available year-round, but before the start of the peak season (in December) and as result the best time to book holidays in Aruba is in October and November. Taking advantage on the very convenient prices in the low season allow smart people to take pleasure into an economically way the fantastic all inclusive resorts to Aruba, and benefit on the natural beauty (Manchebo Beach, Fisherman’s Huts or Hadicurari, Palm Beach, and Baby Beach are recognized internationally as some of the best beaches in Caribbean!) and excellent climate of this tropical paradise!