Beaches at Koh Rong Sands in Cambodia

Visit the beautiful beaches in Cambodia and take back with you an amazing memory of sandy delights. The sands here speak of a holiday experience that is beyond description and give you the best combination of worthy travels and tour memories. Koh Rong in Cambodia is a heavenly destination in Asia and provides ideal luxuries with its clear waters and turquoise colours. Stretching for 8 kilometres the beach has a gradient specific for swimming and provides ideal tour luxuries.

One of the best Asian beaches, this paradise is a picturesque destination, which has the best pristine spots and the most fascinating water pleasures in this part of the world. You might not have the best roads or modern facilities but the natural beauty here is what makes travels here very pleasant and memorable. Enjoy the relaxed ambience and bask in the pleasures of a wonderful paradise filled with the best beach delights.

Koh Rong is a lovely land around two and a half hours from the mainland, and has the most stunning visual delights. The white sand here seems suited for a perfect photo and add to this the varied experiences like jungle trekking, snorkelling and diving and you have a lot to take back as a travel kitty. This beach has many bungalows and guest houses with some small time restaurants filling your palate.

Koh Rong, Sok San Beach

The tranquility too is very infectious and people love to come here and bask under the heavenly blue skies with travel memories like fire dance performances, island bar stays, and relaxed bungalow accommodations, which give you perfect travel ecstasies.

The Koh Rong Samoloem is another beach near the Koh Rong which gives you a different kind of ambience filled with similar visual luxury and travel anecdotes.

Koh Rong beach is a beautiful land in Cambodia, which is worth visiting in tours to Asia.