Blind booking: book your “I don’t know where I am flying to” trip

– Honey I bought tickets!

– Where to!

– I don’t know….

This dialogue sounds absurd, but the lack of an idea for a journey can be a great idea for a journey. If you live in Germany, you have probably heard of a great idea of blind booking. This marketing strategy has been adopted by airplane companies like Eurowings and Lufthansa, but there are not the only ones in the industry now. Companies like or also offer blind booking and even though they are smaller, they have much better options to offer.

Blind booking

Blind booking what it actually is

The idea is quite new but it has become more popular, as the big players like Eurowings and Lufthansa started to offer blind booking to their clients. But what are we talking about?

Simply said: you are booking the flights and hotel without knowing the destination. Sound interesting, isn’t, it?

The blind booking concept offers a solution that combines individual expectations of a holiday with the desire for adventure. The principle is simple: the traveller determines a budget and the number of fellow travellers and excludes already known city destinations. He then receives an individual offer with the best and cheapest flight. The highlight is that the destination is only revealed at a later point in time, i.e. after booking.

The main point of blind booking is to surprise yourself, to add to the typical weekend trip a bit of adventure and to try something new. But we should not forget that it also saves as a tone of time that we would spend on looking for a cheap flights, accommodation and good destinations.


Different variations of blind booking

You can decide how big your surprise will be. If you don’t want to know the destination, you can use blind booking only for a flight. But you can also do blind booking with the flight and a hotel/hostel. It is much better option. Because, if you choose only flight it means that you will have to start looking for an accommodation in the plane or in the destination city. May happen that you end up in the hotel out of the city or in the room with 14 other people.

Blind booking: how does it function

Blind booking has been made very simple. Even though currently there is many blind booking providers, the idea remains the same and all of them works very similar. The most popular are blind bookings provided by Lufthansa and Eurowings but I would like to focus on – blind booking provider from Germany, because it offers the best journey configurations and you can book the full package – hotel and flights. At Eurowings and Lufthansa there is only blind booking for flights available.

The blind booking happens in few simple steps and it is done within few minutes. All you have to do is to answer following questions:

  • How many people will travel,
  • Which region of Europe you want to explore,
  • Which cities you definitely don’t want to visit,
  • Which type of accommodation you need (Hostel, single room, an upgraded-standard room),
  • Which airport you want to departure from,
  • Dates

After answering the questions, you receive an email with an offer and you have one day to decide either you book or not. But you still don’t know where you will fly to. You get to know it first at the airport. Awesome and simple, isn’t it? Ready to try?

If you live currently in Germany, you can try your blind booking here: