Budapest Airport to the City Center

Budapest is one of the popular tourist destinations these days. And because of this, many tourists are wondering how they can get from Budapest airport to the city center. The good news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money on costly taxis to get to the central. You need to choose which type of vehicle to take – taxis, bus, or shuttle.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

There are two terminals in the main airport in Hungary – Terminal A and Terminal B. If you need to go to Terminal B, you need to take the 100E airport bus. You can find the budget flights at Terminal B, and the other airlines are all in Terminal A.

After passing the security, the two terminals are connected in one area. So, you don’t have to worry that you might get lost. You will know its Terminal A since there is less activity in the security at Terminal A. Restaurants, coffee shops, and other shops are lining up inside the terminal building.

The Best Route from Budapest Airport to City Center

Once you arrived at Budapest Airport, proceed to the baggage claiming area and get your luggage, the green arrows will direct you to the exit. You will find the bus terminal just outside the airport exit. The bus will take you from the airport to the city center.

If you will exit Terminal A, turn right and go towards Terminal B, and you will see the signage for 100E Airport Bus.

If you are exiting Terminal B, the 100E Airport Bus will be found on your right at the exit.

100 E Budapest Airport Bus

From the airport, you can take the 100E Airport Bus going to the city center. The first trip leaves terminal B at 5 am, and the last trip is at 1:20 am. The bus leaves every twenty minutes. So if you were not able to ride the first bus, don’t worry as more buses are coming.

Most of the time, only the front door of the bus is open, and you will be welcomed by the staff to check on your tickets before boarding. You can purchase the tickets at ticket machines using card or cash at 900 HUF. In buying the ticket using the machine, you can choose your language and click the “airport shuttle bus single ticket.”

The bus has three stops, first at Kalvin Square, then in Astoria and the Deak Ferenc Square. You can reach the city center within 45 minutes during the day, during rush hours expect more or less 20 minutes delay.

City Center to Budapest Airport

If you are in the city center and you need to go back to the airport, two bus stops leave every 20 minutes from Deak Ferenc Square. There is also a bus terminal at Kalvin square. This bus stop is usually busy, so you need to be prepared. Tickets are available on both bus stops. Unfortunately, they only accept cash. The ticket costs are generally around 900 HUF.

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