Eleven advantages of traveling with a Tour Guide

When we arrive for our vacations in a new country or an unknown region; it is often that we have already more or less made the list of what we would like to see. The must-see places that you should not miss, the museum that you should not miss under any circumstances, the secret village that made you dream, the hill that you want to climb, the beach where you want to swim. We talked about it with our friends who warmly recommended us their favorites or we did all the researches via Internet or by reading the last “DK Eyewitness” or “Lonely Planet”. No matter what type of traveler you are, it is often best to hire an accompanying tour guide. Here are the advantages that will make you turn to this person and make your stay even more unforgettable. There are many platforms to choose a tour guide. It is perhaps better to make your choice and contact him before your departure. This way, you will have fewer surprises and you will feel much more serene.


1- A tour guide for an hour, a day or more.

There are all kinds of possibilities to choose it. – Punctual visits of museums, exhibitions, historical sites. In these cases, it can be done in group, family or solo. Of course, the price is not the same, but a guide who is mainly dedicated to you will focus on your interests, let you ask more questions. He will adapt to your pace and you will be able to take more well-deserved breaks. – Escorts and drivers can be useful to simply take you from one stage to another. – The guide who follows you for a weekend or for a longer period can quickly become a kind of “handyman”. He/she manages the logistics as well as possible by anticipating each event. It is advisable to agree on the way in which the activities will be lived (hours of the excursions, lunch breaks, relaxation breaks, etc.).

2- The tour guide knows every corner of the city inside out.

With him, you will not get lost and he will lead you to the essential. This is so important, especially when you go to cities with an incredibly rich historical heritage and you don’t have enough time to do everything. Take for example the tour guides in Paris who compete with each other and are known for their great professionalism.

3- The tour guide takes charge.

They will often pick you up where you want to be and even take you back to your hotel. The minute your appointment with him begins, you will follow him on the route that he will have marked out according to your wishes and curiosities.

4- The tour guide speaks the local language.

He remains a sort of “bulwark” against the inconvenience of ill-intentioned people. In his presence, the probability of bad surprises is strongly reduced and he will know how to avoid “scams” and pressures of all kinds.

5- The tour guide is there to help you.

The guide will be able to answer all the questions you may have.

  • Where to buy your next train ticket? –
  • Where is the nearest post office? –
  • How to get to that remote place you’ve heard about and that no book mentions, but that he will certainly know. –
  • If he’s with you while you shop, he’ll know how to negotiate the best prices
  • He’ll give you some basic vocabulary to get by.

6- The tour guide and the good schedules.

With him, you won’t have to worry about getting to this or that place. He will know how to avoid long queues, visits in the sun or in the rain. When you are a tourist in an unknown place, you are rarely aware of public holidays or last minute closures. Your guide is there to help you manage the situation as best as possible and adjust your schedule.

7- The tour guide has a great culture.

Who hasn’t experienced the frustration of being in a beautiful environment full of history, but no one to give you the explanatory keys that would have allowed you to feel even better the space where you are. Without your guide, you would pass by its old statues, its paintings, its hidden ruins without paying attention. This relief behind the mountain would be just another horizon. Your guide will give you the right details by linking each element to the historical and geographical level while connecting the whole with the society and culture that surrounds you.

8- A travel guide saves you time.

When some people come back from a trip with only the memory of thousands of kilometers on the road, missed buses and coaches, crowded trains taken at the last moment and where you had to stand for hours, badly managed airport connections. Your guide can become your driver, sometimes even to the airport. He knows how to judge the best time and means of transportation. Every road, path and shortcut has no secret for him and thus you will save precious hours, but above all, extremely important point; with him, there is always a plan B.

9- A tour guide is your best advisor.

He will be able to give you the addresses of the best restaurants, the shows to see, the good cafés and terraces to have a drink, the unique panoramic spots to take the most beautiful pictures or admire a sunset. He will be able to warn you about dangerous areas where it is better not to venture. Finally, it is thanks to him that you will be able to meet and exchange with the locals.

10- A tour guide is there to reassure you.

In case of a minor or serious problem, he will know how to calm you, your family or your friends to make you feel safe. Call a doctor or the emergency room immediately in case of a medical problem and take you to the right place to settle your administrative procedures in case of theft or loss of papers or means of payment.

11- A guide knows all the customs and habits of his country.

He will be able to brief you on what it is recommended to do or not to do. The right gestures and etiquette in everyday life.

  • What are the tipping habits.
  • How to dress in holy places and on beaches.
  • How to greet a person who is introduced to you or how to behave when you are invited?
  • Where to change money at the best rate?
  • How to get phone cards.

Now that the health situation is gradually returning to normal, you have every opportunity to roam the world as you wish. We wish you the most beautiful journeys to criss-cross the roads and venture towards new landscapes and new fields of escape.