European Travel Destinations: Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the capital of Macedonia, Greece and the largest city in the wider geographical region of Macedonia. The city is located at the center of all historical developments in the Balkans. Thessaloniki was not only a very important commercial town through the centuries but also a military and administrative hub of that region.

This wonderful town is the second major industrial, economic, commercial and political center in Greece (after the capital Athens). It is also a major transportation hub for the southeastern Europe, and it is of great importance for Greece as its commercial port nowadays. I find the name of the town very interesting. It means “victory over Thessalians” and the town itself is named after the half-sister of Alexander the Great. Some people know the city as Solun.


For about two centuries the city was called “Mother of Izrael” because it was the largest Jewish city in the world.

During my stay here I visited the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center which hosts the International Trade Fair every year. There were many people. It is said that this center attracts more than 300 000 visitors each year.

One of the most poular landmarks of the city is the White Tower. Built as part of the city walls, today it stands imposing and proudly on the seaside promenade. By visiting it the tourists can have a look at cells because once the towet was used for prison. There are many interesting known in Europe. Another important market especially for women is Bezesteni where one can buy jewelry and fashionable objects.

A good idea for the end of the day could be visiting fish tavern where one can taste seafood. You can do this at the waterfront where you can enjoy the food and at the same time the beautiful view to the sea.historical and Byzantine artefacts.

Another important fact for the city is that it has many churches but no once is as beautiful as St. Dmetrios church.this five-aisled basilica monument is used today as a church. There are fragments of sculptural decoration as well as many mosaics and wondeful wallpaintings.

If you are tired of visiting historical monuments and churches you can spend some time in the smart city suburb Panorama which offers a magnificent view of the surrounding areas.

Thessaloniki is famous for its beaches, too. The best of them are: Agia Triada, Nea Mihaniona, Epanomi and some others. The coastline offers different places for sunbathing and swimming.

If you want go shopping you can do this either in the quality shops or in the markets. It depends on your choice. For instance, the food market Modiano is the biggest food market here and well-known in Europe.