Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

Who’s not heard of Brazil? Well, there’re exceptions if you’re not a football fan or a coffee drinker. The Brazilian samba music is a treat for many musicians and the land in and itself is very popular with cultural and traditional activities all year round. We’d take a short trip on a piece of marvel in Brazil and that’s Fernando de Noronha. It’s a wonderful island most ideal for honeymooning or even while a holiday with a lost friend would lighten you up. Well, women are all around if you want to experience the Brazilian way and buying romance would simply be easy here.

Fernando de Noronha

There’re a lot of underlying factors that make this place special and unanimously voted to be the best romantic getaway such as waters that are crystal clear and pristine sands. The location of this island is about 250 miles from Brazil’s Northeastern Coast. Reaching this island is from Recife via a small plane.

Fernando de Noronha is formed through volcanoes and spread into many magnificently, beautiful islands. Some parts of the island have calm waters whereas others are violent and the waves are passionate enough to blow one’s mind away. Plenty of beaches are spotted all of which are very beautiful and having a character of their own. The beaches spread around 7 sq miles and tourists could really enjoy every piece of it to their satisfaction.

Another location not to be missed while in Fernando de Noronha is Baia do Sancho. It’s a difficult task to get down to this beach as you got to climb down a steep cliff through the assistance of metal ladders. It’s a good gamble to get down here, but worth all the risk taken.

A downside to visiting Fernando de Noronha is the absence of major resorts or hotels, perhaps advantageous for people that wouldn’t mind accommodating themselves in inland.