Garderen vacations and travel information

About Garderen, Netherlands

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing stop during your trip to the Netherlands, the village of Garderen will open its sleepy arms and welcome you.

Combining the convenience of easy living with the quaint, old-school charm of another time, Garderen is a place of relaxation and tranquility. It has less than 2000 residents, but its ample bed & breakfasts make it a prime tourist spot. The village is bordered on all sides by the forests of Veluwe, sheltering it from big city businesses and the unwelcome chaos of modern sprawl.

Garderen is thought to have been have founded sometime in the single digits of history, and its churches and towers date back to the eleventh century. The famous De Hoop Mill, one of a kind in the Netherlands, is only a short drive away. You can actually see Garderern from the top!


Come to Garderen if you’re tired of flashy, expensive, and ultimately meaningless tourist attractions. Garderen is the real deal – and a quietly rejuvenating presence for every traveler who wanders its way.

Attractions near Garderen, Netherlands

Garderen may be a small city with less than 2,000 inhabitants, but there are plenty of interesting attractions to see. The most defining attraction in the city is the Windmill. The old four-sided structure is as picturesque as a postcard; it is the only functioning windmill in the area that still produces grain products. Visitors can tour the grounds and parts of the structure itself. In the front near the entrance, breads and other fresh grain products can be purchased. Although the Windmill is not a museum, visiting there will give travelers a good dose of information and history about Garderen.

Touring the city of Garderen and outlying homes near the city limits is a great way to see history first-hand. In the past, many of the homes were sheep farms. Today, many of the stables that were used to house the sheep are still standing. Keep in mind that these homes are inhabited and it is not acceptable to trespass on land unless invited. Many of the homes can be seen from the roads. Bike and hike trails can be found around the city, giving the opportunity to see the landscape and historic homes while hiking or riding a bicycle.

The Dutch Reformed Church in the city is a historic site. Originally it was built in the 11th century, but the current tower was replaced in the 14th century. Visitors are allowed to see the church, but are advised to only view the church, as the people of the community must work hard to maintain this ancient structure. In the Garderen cemetery is a war memorial for Serbian soldiers who were killed shortly after World War I. The 29 men were killed by Spanish flu; the memorial has been restored and expanded. Visitors are welcome to view the monument.

Dining near Garderen, Netherlands

Garderen, a small village nestled in agricultural lands on the west side of the Veluwe forest, has long been a tourist destination. Garderen, a religious and conservatively-oriented village, caters to the tourist trade with its bed and breakfast industry serving up delicious breakfasts.

But assuming one is on the prowl for some lunch, say, or some dinner. Just what restaurants are available in Garderen?

If one’s tastes run to Dutch or Belgian cuisine, one would be mightily in luck.

De Bonte Koe, located at Koningsweg 2, serves up Dutch and Belgian fare, including traditional pancakes. In winter, look for “wild” menu offerings of boar and deer.

Herberg De Hertshoorn, located at Putterweg 70, also cooks up Belgian and Dutch food, with grill and barbeque options available. This restaurant also offers pancakes and pizza. Herberg De Hertshoorn should prove popular with any children, because the restaurant features a big play loft.

Other restaurants in Garderen which showcase Dutch and Belgian dishes include Mozika, which can be found at Dorpsstraat 26, and Samplonius, located at Putterweg 59. Speulderbos, located at Speulderbosweg 54, adds French items to a menu which also features Belgian and Dutch dishes.

The hotel restaurant Overbosch, found at Hooiweg 23, presents a selection of a la carte international choices, with lunches, appetizers, and comfort-food dinners available.

The hotel restaurant within the Tulip Inn, dubbed Richards, is located at Oud Milligenseweg 62, and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Another hotel restaurant, the Groot Heideborgh, which is found at Hogesteeg 50, is an establishment serving French cuisine.

And, finally, last, but certainly not least, if one has a hankering for Asian cooking, the restaurant Camposing serves up Chinese fare, and does so at Oud Milligenseweg 7.

Think of it: tastes from Belgium to Asia in one village. Welcome to Garderen.

Shopping near Garderen, Netherlands

The Netherlands offer some of the best shopping in the world. There are plenty of luxury boutiques and shopping centers for tourists to enjoy during their time in the Netherlands. This article will discuss some of the shopping opportunities in Gaderen, Netherlands.

Shopping Department Stores

There are 5 main department stores in Gaderen. These 5 stores are De Bijenkorf, Hollandse Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam (HEMA), Maison de Bonneterie, Metz & Co, and Vroom & Dreesmann. Each department store has its own unique style and offerings to customers.

Vroom & Dreesmann is a Dutch chain of stores which was founded in 1887. Many designers decide to sell clothing lines through Vroom & Dreesmann. Furniture and electrical goods can also be purchased at Vroom & Dreesmann.

Maison de Bonneterie is a more upscale chain of department stores available all throughout the Netherlands and Amsterdam. The first store was created in Prague in 1889.

Shopping Malls

Garden Centre is one great shopping mall available in Garderen. This mall offers plenty of department stores, athletic apparel stores, electronics stores, and restaurants.

Hilversum Centrum and Winkelcentrum IJburg are just a couple other great shopping malls. These malls also contain similar stores available in the Garden Centre.

Luxury Boutiques

Garderen also has its fair share of luxury boutiques. Many boutiques specialize in the sale of furs, wines, jewelry, and other upscale items. Some famous designers with stores in Garderen include Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Burberry. Cheese & Milk is one store that offers fabulous choices for cheeses in Garderen. Just Wine is another great store in Garderen that specializes in the sale of upscale wines.

Overall, one has many choices when shopping in Garderen. Everything from department stores to luxury boutiques are available when shopping in Garderen, Netherlands. One simply has to consider his or her budget before shopping in Garderen to find adequate shopping selections.

Getting Around Garderen, Netherlands

When traveling in Garderen, Netherlands, one has plenty of options to consider. This article will discuss all of the options one has, as well as what the most cost efficient form of transportation may be in one’s situation.

Central Station is one of the most popular forms of transportation in Garderen. Central Station is a train system that has been catered for the ordinary individual. It is very easy to use and convenient. In addition, it is quite inexpensive. This is one of the most used train systems throughout all of Europe, and especially the Netherlands. In rural areas, there is typically only hourly service. However, to commute throughout other destinations in the Netherlands, there is usually a service to such areas every thirty minutes.

Car rental is another choice one has for getting around Garderen. However, the only problem is that car rentals can be quite expensive in Garderen. One will not need any sort of special document to take advantage of car rentals in Garderen. One only needs to use his or her driver’s license and a valid passport. It is also important to know some of the basic traffic laws while driving in Garderen. Many people drive on the right side of the road. Also, the speed limit can vary greatly throughout Garderen. A person may drive at excessive speeds in some areas, so it is important to know which areas these are.

Bike rentals are another popular option in Garderen. Bikes are quite affordable and do not require the same sort of expenditures on gasoline. One can save hundreds of dollars by choosing to get around in Garderen with a bike. This is a great option for students looking to save money in Europe.

Overall, these are just a few ways to get around Garderen at an affordable cost.