Greece Honeymoon Destinations

Greece is one of the most perfect destinations if you are looking out for a destination to fly to with your partner after getting married. There are a huge number of unique attractions that make a Greece honeymoon one of the best experiences ever for a couple.

The heavenly blue seas, the pristine sands and crystal clear waters, the archeological wonders as well as the innumerous Greek islands make for a top class destination. There are a huge number of destinations that are extremely varied.


Santorini has always been a top Greece honeymoon destinations. The island is of volcanic origin, and has an aura of mystique, contributed by the stories about Atlantis. There are close to two hundred and fifty of charming churches in the island with white washed houses all around.

There are a huge number of excellent resorts and hotels that cater to honeymooners and couples on a holiday, with some attractive packages and deals for a honeymoon. Kallithea, Afandou, the Acropolis at LIndos, the Valley of Butterflies and others, are top class destinations for Santorini honeymoon.

Mykonos is another Greece honeymoon destinations that simply seems to be made for romance. The island has a huge number of charms, such as one of the best nightlife scenes in the islands, quaint Greek hamlets, top class hotels and resorts and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Little Venice is a great location on the island. Mykonos has a number of cafes, restaurants, tavernas, bars and shops, you will not lack for fun here.


Crete is a destination never to be missed while contemplating a Greece honeymoon. There are a huge number of beautiful beaches, a collection of beautiful villages as well as attractions such as the ruins at Knossos. There are a huge number of reasons why the island is such a top favorite.