Hawaii honeymoon – 3 Highlights

A Hawaii Honeymoon is among the best things you could do after your marriage, and the state of Hawaii is the ultimate destination for honeymoons in the United states, and with the delightful mixture of the sun, sea and sand couples with the palpable sense of romance in the very air, there is not much that you can say against having a Hawaii honeymoon. There is a whole range of activities offered by the various Hawaii honeymoon resorts for the benefit of honeymooning couples. There are a lot of things to do, and these when done together have a way of cementing your relationship in a way unlike others.

Hawaii Honeymoon

There are three must visits when you are having a holiday in Hawaii, and especially if you are having a Hawaii Honeymoon, these locations are extremely apt. There is no dearth to attractions here. These three things are among the highlights of your Hawaii honeymoon, and must be relished.
Three Must dos when having a Hawaii Honeymoon –

1. Pearl factory

The Pearl Factories of Hawaii are often neglected by travelers, but these have excellent potential in being extremely fun places to visit. These pearl factories are situated in close proximity to the shopping centers, and there are a whole number of souvenirs to be picked up, as there is the unique chance of picking your own oyster, and trying your luck at peal hunting.

The ritual of tapping your oyster thrice before opening it, and chanting ‘Aloha’ is charming, and there have been quite a few instances where people have actually found some rare pearls.

2. Luau

A Luau has to be experienced in its very authenticity, and there is almost no experience that matches the remarkable dose of Polynesian culture. The entire feel is magical in essence, the music, the food, the dancing are all heavenly. The food is excellent, and has to be tasted to be believed, it includes such delicacies as Kahlua Pork cooked underground, chicken long rice, sea food and other succulent fare. Luau is definitely a highlight for your Hawaii honeymoon.

Hawaii Honeymoon

3. Interact with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is an activity that is among the most rewarding and exciting to be had, especially with the special some one. There are dolphin tours on offer by the Ocean Joy cruises, where they take you to the secluded portion of the Oahu island, where the spinner dolphins have their play area. Snorkeling in the waters along with dolphins make for a great experience.