Hawaii Travel Guide: things to do in Oahu

Are visions of beautiful beaches, fancy umbrella drinks, spectacular scenery, and amazing attractions dancing in your head? Chances are you are thinking of Oahu, Hawaii. Oahu has so much to offer its visitors it’s difficult to narrow your choices. Between beach hopping, helicopter rides, dolphin encounters, historic Pearl Harbor, The Bonsai Pipeline, and other fascinating attractions you may have a difficult time fitting everything in. It’s a good idea to have a vacation plan before you leave for Oahu to optimize your fun.

One of the most popular and well known traditions in Hawaii is the customary lei greeting. Many companies can offer a greeting to welcome guests as they arrive at the airport. This type of warm welcome to the island sets the mood for a remarkable vacation in this amazing paradise. Fresh flower leis also make for wonderful souvenirs for yourself or friends.

Located in Haleiwa Harbor visitors will find North Shore Shark Adventures. If you have a wild adventurous streak, this may be the tour for you. While remaining perfectly safe in a shark cage come face to face with mysterious, stunning creatures of the deep. Get a bird’s eye view as sharks gracefully swim in their natural environment. A truly breathtaking experience, this adventure shouldn’t be missed.

Another exciting activity in Oahu is taking a helicopter ride over the island. Viewing enchanting waterfalls, captivating jungle landscape, beautiful beaches, and volcanic molten rock from the air is an unforgettable experience. Oahu offers many different types of helicopter tours, whether you prefer a private charter or a group excursion. This expedition will no doubt be one of the highlights of your vacation.

Diamond Head is a 350 acre landmark crater created by eruptions from the now dormant Ko’olu Volcano. Diamond Head can even seen from planes coming into Oahu and nearby resorts. There are three staircases and one narrow tunnel leading to the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and nearby Honolulu. Although there is some rocky terrain on this small hike, children and elderly should be able to make the walk easily. Be sure to take your camera, sun screen, and arrive early as this is one of Oahu’s most popular attractions.

Oahu holds one of the most devastating times in American history. The USS Arizona was one of seven ships involved during the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. On December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor lost 2,388 military and civilian personnel during the surprise assault, this would be the beginning of the United States involvement into World War II. The memorial is positioned above the sunken ship’s hull, where a gun turret is still visible. Pearl Harbor is a moving tribute to all who lost their lives that horrifying day and to the families who were left behind.

Waimea Bay is home to the Bonsai Pipeline on the North shore of Oahu. During the winter it has some of the most amazing waves in the world which draws surfers from around the globe. During the summer calmer waters bring a much more laid back atmosphere. The television series Lost is also filmed on Waimea Bay and surrounding areas in Oahu. Many of the Lost stars live in Oahu instead of traveling to and from the set while filming.

There are so many beautiful and interesting activities in Oahu, Hawaii. Planning the perfect getaway is never difficult however for all inclusive holiday deals click here. No matter what you do, Oahu is sure to leave you with an extraordinary memory and an urge to go back as soon as possible.