Honeymoon destinations in India

Planning for a marriage is always a job and a half, and deciding on a honeymoon destination is one of the toughest parts of the job. Arriving at decision agreeable to both concerned members can be a really hard thing to do. Consider India, home to some of the most heavenly surroundings in the world. The feeling of romance is palpable in the air and the picture perfect landscapes are stuff love stories are pictured in, and honeymooning in India will be an experience that will cement your relationship further, discovering the culture, the natural beauty, the stately palaces, together, will be something extremely rewarding for the couple.

Honeymoon destinations in India

There are a multitude of honeymoon destinations in India, and these are an incredibly diverse lot. There are a whole number of options that cater to every possible whim, from the snow capped peaks of Himalayas, to the coastal regions of Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, to the arid deserts of Rajasthan, to the romantic hill stations in Shimla, Kullu and Manali, among hundreds of other locations, there is certainly no dearth to choice of honeymoon destinations in India. These are the top destinations you would like to consider for your honeymoon, be it the first, second, or third, a feeling of wanting to come back will certainly be there as soon as you leave one destination. Here’s to having several honeymoons in India.

Jammu and Kashmir

The snow covered peaks of Kashmir are among the most loved destinations ever, and as the political situations are becoming cleared by and by, there are an increasing number of travelers that are coming here as tourists, there is a certainly incredible beauty here that makes for a top class romantic destination. From the Mughal gardens to locations like Jammu, Shrinagar, Sonemarg, Gulmarg, Dal Lake and such other locations, Kashmir very much seems to be made to be an ultimate honeymoon destination. Kashmir is not called ‘heaven on earth’ for nothing.


Goa has a legendary status as a beach destination par excellence in India for its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters and is considered among the top honeymoon destinations in India, and other than the exquisite beaches here there are a whole range of other attributes as well such as a unique culture, ancient structures, colonial heritage and pulsating nightlife. Goa is certainly a complete destination, and there are a number of romantic resorts and hotels that can be availed of here.


Kerala, another paradise, is fondly referred to as ‘God’s own Country’, and is a pristine haven where everything seems postcard like in it’s perfect beauty, the swaying coconut trees amid green fields that seem to stretch for miles on end, the water bodies, the heavenly beach destinations like Kovalam and Varkala are natural beauty at its pinnacle. The backwaters here are the highlight, and cruising for days on end in the house boats are among the most enjoyable things, especially if you are with a loved one.