Mexico honeymoon – Best Resorts and Hotels

Second probably to only child birth, a honeymoon is among the most important aspects of a marriage. A honeymoon is meant to be a celebration of the union, a time for couples to get to know each other better, as well as to cement the relationship further. Choosing a honeymoon destination is among the most difficult things to do ever, and finding a destination which is suited to both couples tastes and preferences is certainly a job and a half. There are a number of reasons why a Mexico Honeymoon is an option that has immense potential. Mexico, if you are located in the United States is easily accessible, and has a good range of cultural and historical highlights in addition to pristine natural beauty.

Hacienda Tres Rios Resort

The dollar goes a good way in México, and there are a number of excellent resorts and hotels that cater to honeymooners. The beach resorts here are among the top of the pack, with pristine sands and crystal clear waters making for the ideal setting for a romantic holiday. The beach resorts have a whole number of excellent packages for honeymooning couples, and there is no dearth to quality packages that have a good number of activities and extras thrown in as part of the package, in addition to stay and air fare. Beach side honeymoons are certainly great if you are having a Mexico honeymoon. The Mayan Riviera is among the most popular spots here.

Having a Mexico honeymoon is definitely a lot easier on the pocket in the way that firstly, things are a good deal cheaper here. Secondly, there is a whole lot of attractions available here, which allows for a whole lot of value. There is not much of crowding here, and this makes for a great honeymoon far away from the madding crowds. There is a whole number of locations that you can make your own, and have some peace and quiet.

Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach

If what appeals to you is a colonial setting, with beautiful old world buildings and other charms, Mexico has a plethora of destinations that will provide you with the exact setting you wish for. The architecture here is the most visible aspect of the colonial heritage, as are others like cobble paved streets, curio shops and alley ways. There is a whole lot more in waiting. There are a whole lot of other possibilities that can be considered, such as the cities, like Taxco, and others.