Mystic Prague: Things to do and local travel tips

Prague has a medley of architectural structures of art nouveau facades, churches, ancient brutalist relics. This place is right out of a fairytale, characterized by its cobblestone pathways and glorious rich culture.


Prague is the largest city and capital of Czech Republic. Many titles have been dedicated to the city some of them are ‘Mother of Cities’, ‘City of a Hundred Spires’ and ‘Golden city’.

The city resides on the Vltava River in central bohemia. For more than a thousand years this city has been the cultural, political and economic centre of the Czech state. Prague is one of Europe’s most popular attractions for tourists. Its historic architecture has not been disturbed much and stays true to its original form.

Architecture varies from Renaissance, Gothic, Neo-classical, Art Nouveau, Baroque, cubist to modern chic. Bohemian pride in culture and fringe arts is changing its warehouse districts. New modern clubs, bars and galleries are the order of the day. The gastronomic centers have also been transformed into latest restaurants serving international cuisine and fine dining experience.



The famous places to visit are the old town square in the old town. The astronomical clock on the town square makes for a glorious sighting. The Charles Bridge is quite picturesque and the vaulted ‘old new Synagogue’ has gothic elements. The New town makes for interesting visit with its busy atmosphere and the historic Wenceslas square.

Important monuments include the Mala Strana with Infant Jesus of Prague. Prague Castle is the largest castle in the entire world with its St. Vitus Cathedral. The Prague zoo, the dancing house, a giant functional Metronome, the television tower all make for great visit of historical and cultural importance.

prague bridge

Enjoy also a night tour of Prague while discovering the most important landmarks and sightseeing of Prague when you walk along the center of the city  in the evening.

Local tips:

Reading ‘the castle’ by Franz Kafka, Milan Kundera authored ‘Laughable Loves’, ‘Prague Tales’ written by Jan Neruda, ‘The Visible World’ by Mark Slouka, ‘On the sky’s Clayey Bottom’ by Zdenek Urbanek all can help you acclimatize with the art, culture and landscapes of Prague.

Fancy shoes should be avoided and trainers should be included in your back pack while traveling to Prague. Your trainers will help you climb the hills and balance yourself on the cobbles which can be slippery. Opera glasses are also recommended for the trip.

Taxis should not be hailed on the streets as many taxi drivers try to get away with the scenic route and do not turn the meter. Tipping culture in Prague includes a small charge and extras for bread and a tip is rounded off to the nearest ten CZK. The currency in Prague is Czech Koruna. One euro is equivalent to CZK thirty.

The favorites in cuisine are dumplings, pork and sauerkraut. Vegetarians can find it difficult to get food suitable for them. International style cuisine can be found all over town.

prague castle

Hotels in Prague:

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