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Top 5 Amazing Aquariums In The World

The thing I love about aquariums is the feeling that you have stepped into another world. Surrounded by blue warmth, dazzling colours and rarely glimpsed creatures of the deep, there’s a magical sensation to being in a truly, well-designed aquarium. Fortunately, these days, on a global scale, there are a number of fantastic aquariums. In addition to the sheer enjoyment of entering one, they also offer interesting exhibits. Certainly, aquariums offer both young and old the opportunity to learn and be dazzled at the same time. (more…)

7 Best Water Parks in the World in 2020

Anyone that has ever been in a water park knows why both adults and kids can’t get enough of them. If you are a kid, a waterpark feels like a revelation, much better than hanging out on the beach, or anywhere else. If you are an adult, it feels like getting back in time and connecting with your inner child. (more…)

Some of the World’s Biggest and Most Beautiful Shopping Malls

Although the shopping mall might be considered a mainstay of the Western shopping experience, it is not necessarily in the west where you will now find the biggest malls, nor the most interesting. Around the world, shopping malls appear to be getting bigger, more beautiful, and more surprising. (more…)

The ultimate guide to renting your next home in Dubai

Renting a home in Dubai is very easy. There are condos, villas, penthouses and so many other options to suit diverse tenants’ requirements. As the number of people moving to Dubai for jobs has been increasing constantly, there has been a huge demand in the real estate in Dubai. (more…)

6 things you should know before renting a house in Dubai

Dubai – is not only a tourist’s haven, but it’s also a land of great potential in terms of infrastructural excellence and job opportunities. With the stable growth in the economy and the world-class infrastructure, it is one of the most sought out places for people looking for jobs. So for people landing up in Dubai, one of the crucial factors that they have to focus on is to look out for a house for rent in Dubai. There are different options available for a person who wants to rent a house in Dubai based on their budget and lifestyle, and there are certain things that a person has to have in mind before renting out a house. (more…)

Planning a trip to Dubai – What To Visit in Dubai in 24 Hours

Dubai is such an outstanding city that visiting it in just 24 hours might seem like a challenge, but it is still possible to get the best taste of it in just one day. First of all, let’s not forget that transportation is one of the most important things when going on a trip, even more significant when you have made up your mind to get the best of Dubai in 24 hours. (more…)

Dubai: One of the best travel destinations

UAE has become hot favorite destination for many people to travel and spend their holiday time. This place has everything ranging from world’s highest man made structure (Burj Khalifa) to shopping events. Dubai has become a great choice for US, UK and Asian people who want to spend a great time in the manmade world wonders. (more…)

Best Asian travel destinations

Asia is a place with natural beauty and there are lots of places to explore in this wonderful continent. It has diversified heritage and cultural beauty and richness in man-made wonders. You can visit Asia with your family or friends to spend the most wonderful times of your life. (more…)