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Why Meribel And La Plagne Are The Top 2 Best Apartments In Savoy

Savoy, a French county in the Alps can boast of numerous apartments available for guests from all over the world. Meribel and La Plagne have been categorized as the residence with higher numbers of visitors in Savoy. These two residences are significantly sort-after because of the unique qualities that stand them out. I have a bonus for you at the end of this post. (more…)

Best Ski Holidays in France

France is a very popular ski destination for many reasons. Firstly, French cuisine is excellent and has an incredible appeal for tourists. Secondly, the ski resorts are easily accessible, and France has a variety of resorts- from luxury resorts to pocket-friendly resorts. (more…)

Seven Things to Keep on Your Checklist When Visiting Paris

Whether you want to explore stunning architectural structures or indulge in luxury, Paris is an ideal place to visit. Tourists find everything they want in the beautiful city that exudes love and intimacy. Paris is the famous fashion capital with patches of a long history of art. (more…)

French Luxury Holiday: Searching for the Best Accommodation

Castles, chateau, and villas are the perfect setting for a French luxury holiday. You can rent chateaus or castles in France. If you are planning to go on holiday with different family groups and you want to enjoy a luxurious week or two in a location where you can relax then the villas, chateau or castles are a good option. (more…)

Five Benefits of Choosing a Self-catering Resort When Vacationing in France

When someone mentioned France, the first two associations are Paris and Wine. However, France is so much more than just that. Its countryside, shores, mountains and picturesque villages are exceptionally attractive. (more…)

4 Reasons Why Arc 1950 Stands Out

The pleasure you derive from having astounding money to value ratio is not limited to the daily and material items alone. You would not mind that for your vacation too. Everyone loves to have a memorable holiday experience, no matter the length of time. This is where the phrase “choose wisely” comes in. (more…)

Four Of the Most Magnificent Castles in France

Europe has such a rich history, and the structures that remain today are a testament to it. Of the most popular, castles always draw in a lot of interest. Aside from the majestic architecture, the stories that survive each fortress is a mixture of history, romance, monarchy, and even perhaps a touch of legend. France alone has approximately 5,000 castles. Some of these structures are still in their glorious state, while others are sadly in a derelict condition. If your next holiday happens to be in France, here are several majestic castles to explore. (more…)

Top 5 Luxury Ski Resorts in the French Alps

When it comes to luxury ski resorts, the French Alps are world class by any standard. (more…)