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Four Cool Things to Do in Switzerland

Planning a holiday in Switzerland but don’t know what to do aside from visiting generic attractions? We’ve got you covered with this selection of cool and exciting activities to look into then you visit the country. (more…)

Travel the Grand Tour of Switzerland with a camper

If you want to experience an adventure that raises adrenaline, dazzling with the beauty and power of nature, you should go the next spring or summer on a great journey to Switzerland. The Grand Tour of Switzerland is a new route that will take you all over the country. (more…)

Three places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is situated in Central Europe and it shares its borders with Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Liechtenstein. It is known to be one of the smaller nations, and is known for a host of interesting factors like its blessed cheeses, chocolate that one can die for, famous watchmakers, banks and mountains that have their tips covered in heavy, beautiful snow. (more…)

How to Visit Zurich on a Budget

Zurich, the home of Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, is one of the most spectacular city in Switzerland. It’s that kind of city that has a generous cultural background but also an exquisite life-style. If you’re an energetic person then you’d better visit Zurich in spring or summer. If you want a relaxed holiday, with dinning in old restaurants then you should come here in the winter. (more…)