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Five Most Mesmerizing Rock Formations in the World

It is a known fact that the earth is made up of 70% water and 30% land. Part of that landmass are jaw-dropping rock formations. Formed as a result of volcanic activity, the era of erosion, as well as chemical activity, have led to these wondrous sights.  We’ve put together 5 of the world’s most mesmerizing rock formations, read on to learn more about them. (more…)

Top 7 Famous Bridges From Around the World

Throughout time, people have been building bridges so that they can easily cross physical obstacles like rivers, canyons, valleys, and so on. Since ancient times, people were aware of their importance. Many of the bridges have even played an important role in historical events and the development of entire regions. (more…)

9 Incredibly Preserved Scottish Castles That Stood the Test of Time

Scottish people take great pride in their castles. According to many of them, wherever you might be in Scotland, there is a castle near you.

And how that cannot be true? At one point, there were about 3,000 castles spread across Scotland. That comes down to one per every 100 square miles. That’s a lot of castles to consider and making a list of the best is no easy task. (more…)

12 interesting Zoos around the World

Set out for an interesting zoo, and the chances are that you will discover an interesting city or regional town.  Zoos within famous cities are perfect for when everybody needs to wind down just a little, and of course, most children love zoos.  Here are some zoos, not necessarily the biggest in the world, but definitely located in places that you might wish to visit. (more…)

Seven Industrial wonders of the World

7 wonders of the Industrial World was basically an idea for a television documentary by BBC, the program was created to examine the major industrial feats, which happened during the technological revolution. The seven industrial wonders listed in the documentary include. (more…)

Explore the fascinating Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace has been the official residence of British Royal families since 1837. Now it is being used as administrative headquarters of the Queen. It is primarily used for holding official receptions and functions held by the Queen. The visitors can visit the State rooms every year. (more…)

Hotel Thornbury Castle

To begin with, we are actually not talking about a hotel, but a magnificent castle converted to a prestigious hotel. Who doesn’t dream of fairly tales? Everybody has a fairly tale related to their lives, and the connection could just get closer when planning a stay in this remarkable castle. Older time castles had a welcome sign, so let’s dream of a similar sign and enter the luxurious hotel. The castle had been home to royal personalities namely Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII. The first castle to be transformed to a hotel is Thornbury Castle in the UK. (more…)

6 Castles to See on the Gower Peninsula

Jutting out from the coast into the Bristwol Channel in south Wales, Gower is about 70 square miles of heaven.  It is the first area in Britain to be designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and it lives up to the title.  The beautiful coastline is popular with walkers and outdoor fans and there are a number of popular bays and beach areas, while the water itself attracts surfers. (more…)