Poconos Honeymoon

If you plan on going for a honeymoon in Poconos, you will have at your disposal resorts that will make you feel as comfortable as home. You will be intrigued to know about the history of the place and how the first instance of honeymoon happened there. Rudolf Von Hoevenberg was the first person who opened a resort known as the “The Farm on the Hill” in the year 1945,for young couples who could go there for their honeymoon. This legacy was continued by other entrepreneurs who found a Poconos honeymoon a lucrative business prospect. As a result, today there are innumerable romantic getaways in the Poconos that you can choose from for your Poconos Honeymoon.


Poconos Honeymoon – What Are The Special Features?

The resorts that are available in Poconos cater both to people who have gone for family holiday and also for honeymoon couples so you have to be careful while choosing your Poconos romantic getaway. Among the popular ones there are Caesar’s Resorts and Paradise Stream which will offer you an enticing array of activities and amenities that will make every moment of your honeymoon exceedingly enjoyable. The most fascinating thing about your Poconos romantic getaway is that there are resorts which are meant only for couples and has exclusive honeymoon facilities! Most of these resorts would cost you from $250 to $600 per night stay. Though the budget is on a higher range you will not regret spending the money after your Poconos honeymoon as the money will be well spent. The resorts you will lodge in are replete with romantic themes having heart shaped bathtubs and whirlpools, big spacious circular beds and cosy log fireplaces.

Poconos Honeymoon – A Closer look At The Resorts:

Romantic getaways in the Poconos have special charm and features that are sure to enthral you. Caesar’s Resorts being one of the most popular ones has been operating for the last forty seven years and more than eighteen thousand honeymooning couples have crossed the threshold of the gates. If you want to include your name in the list you would have four levels of pleasure waiting to welcome you. Your Poconos honeymoon will be made a memorable one by the luxurious comforts of such resorts. In the few days of honeymoon you can receive royal treatment from these resorts as they exceed your expectations for pampering you. You can get dry sauna, have a message in a table with heat lamp, have steam shower and be served breakfast in bed. You can have your activities both in the resorts and out of it planned smoothly as these resorts offer you concierge to help you out with your plans and provide necessary information.

What Activities Is Available In Your Poconos Honeymoon?

There are a number of activities like golf, indoor and outdoor tennis, water skiing that are available in the resorts. Other than this you can engage in snow mobiling, snow –skiing as activities outside the resorts.

Thus in conclusion your Poconos honeymoon will be worth the trip of a lifetime if you choose it as your honeymoon destination.